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Labeling Concept Plants

When you're ready to label a concept plan you've created using our Concept Plant tools, you can simply use any of our plant labeling tools.

Labeling Concept Plants Overview

Use any of our plant labeling tools, available on the F/X Planting ribbon, to label your Concept Plants:

When labeling Concept Plants, you can press the F8 and F9 keys to toggle between Ortho and Snap modes, respectively. This will allow you to lock your leaders at certain angles.




When you label a Concept Plant group, the group name will be listed at the top of the label, followed by the quantity of each Concept Plant included in that group. Here are a couple of examples:


Concept tree group




Concept groundcover group




Setting Your Preferences for Concept Plant Labels

You can control the way your Concept Plants are listed in labels from within the Planting Preferences. See our documentation on setting your preferences for Concept Plant labels for more information.

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