Groundcover Hatch Patterns
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Groundcover Hatch Patterns

Like shrub areas, groundcovers are represented with hatch patterns.

Groundcover Hatch Patterns Overview




Hatch dialog box, Groundcover tab

The Hatch dialog box will open with the Groundcover tab selected. Here, you can see thumbnail images of all our Groundcover hatch patterns. We've designed these hatches for specific uses within details you create.

We've updated our hatch patterns library to include subcategories for each hatch type, visible as extra tabs within each hatch type tab. More information


Select a detail hatch subcategory, then use the scroll bar to scroll down and see additional hatch patterns.


Once you've found the hatch pattern you need, click it to select it. Then click OK to place the hatch.

Our hatch patterns are simply graphic standards for typical materials you can use in the creation of a detail. You can easily add more patterns to this library using our Save Hatch tool.



Editing a Hatch Pattern

To edit an existing groundcover hatch pattern, follow our steps for editing hatch patterns.




Editing a Placed Groundcover Hatch (Hint: Use Our P-Hatch Tool)

Quick video

Need to add to or subtract from an existing placed groundcover hatch?


If so, we recommend using our P-Hatch tool rather than the native CAD Hatch Edit command. Here's why.




Saving Your Custom Hatch Patterns Into Our System

For information on saving a hatch pattern into our system, see our Save Hatches documentation.

Note: Although it's technically possible to create your own hatch pattern as a block and then save it as a hatch, we do not recommend attempting this onerous task. Hatch creation from scratch is a difficult, involved process that is best left to professionals. Instead, we recommend finding a hatch pattern that's reasonably close to the pattern you're looking for – whether it is one of our existing hatches or another hatch you find or purchase from a third-party source.


Issue: Hatches are appearing as solid rather than patterns


Issue: Blocks or hatches are not available when you try to select a symbol


Issue: When you change a groundcover hatch description when editing that hatch, a new duplicate hatch is being created with the original description


Issue: Colors are displaying incorrectly in Model Space


Issue: You tried to place a groundcover as a Stipple hatch pattern, but the hatch is placing incorrectly outside the planting area


Issue: You are unable to change the scale of a hatch pattern


Issue: You are unable to change the rotation of a hatch pattern


Issue: A placed groundcover hatch looks fragmented or isn't joined like it should be


Issue: A placed groundcover hatch looks different from its thumbnail preview slide in the Hatch dialog box


Issue: You've assigned custom layers to some of our hatch patterns, and those layers are missing from the hatches

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