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Docking the Plant, Lighting, and Irrigation Managers

We've added the capability to dock our Manager dialog boxes, including the following:


Using this feature, you can lock any of these Managers into place at the edge of your AutoCAD interface, as you would your AutoCAD Layers or Properties palette.

Docking the Managers

To dock any of the Managers (example: the Plant Manager), click the <Dock button.




The Manager will be docked to the left side of your CAD interface, as pictured to the left.




While the Manager is docked, you can drag it to the location of your choice by grabbing it from within the dark area near the top, next to the title of the Manager (example: PLANT MANAGER).




You can drag the Manager to dock it at the top or right side of your CAD interface. You can also select these options from the Settings Menu, shown below.



Once you have the Manager in the location where you want it, you can then save your changes to dock it there.

Undocking the Managers

To undock any of the Managers and return it to its original form, click the Undock> button.

Other Docking Options

To undock a Manager and explore other options for its location, double-click the within the dark area near the top, next to the title of the Manager (example: PLANT MANAGER).




The Manager will undock and look like the image to the right.


In the top left corner, you'll see three icons, which allow you to take various actions with the Manager.




Closing the Managers

To close any of the Managers, click the X in the top left corner.




Autohiding the Managers


To autohide any of the Managers, click the second of the three icons, pictured to the left.




The Manager will disappear from view, leaving a thin bar.



To view the Manager, hover over the icon pictured to the left.



To turn off Autohide, click the same icon.





To view a menu with other Manager docking options, click the gear icon pictured to the right.




The Settings menu will open, offering the following options:

  • Move (move the Manager)
  • Size (adjust the size of the Manager)
  • Close (close the Manager)
  • Allow Docking
  • Anchor Left <
  • Anchor Right >
  • Auto-hide
  • Transparency (see Transparency below)







Selecting Transparency from the Settings menu (shown above) opens the Transparency dialog box. Here, you have several options for setting the transparency or opacity of any of the Managers and, if you like, other AutoCAD palettes.



1. Use this slide to set the general transparency/opacity of a Manager.



2. Use this slide to set the transparency/opacity of a Manager during mouse-over (that is, when you hover your mouse on it).



3. Click this button to view a preview of the transparency settings.



4. Check this box to apply the transparency settings to all your CAD palettes.



5. Check this box to disable transparency for all CAD windows




Re-Docking the Managers


To re-dock any of the Managers from this point, double-click within the dark area to the left, above the title of the Manager (example: PLANT MANAGER).

Saving Your Docking Settings

Your docking settings will save in their current state when you close CAD with the Manager visible and docked.



To save your settings, configure them to your Preferences, keep the Manager open and docked, and close CAD. Your settings will be saved and will become the default each time you open CAD.

Last modified on Wednesday, 29 April 2020 08:26

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