Adding Plants to a Land F/X Project from the PlantFile Database
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Adding Plants to a Land F/X Project from the PlantFile Database

PlantFile is a searchable online plant database that you can choose to use instead of our default plant database. We've built the capability of using PlantFile right into the Planting Preferences.

PlantFile is a subscription-based service. See the PlantFile website for more information.

Selecting PlantFile as Your Plant Database

To select PlantFile as the plant database you'll use, open the Planting Preferences and select the Plantfile (Australia) option from the Plant Database menu.


You're now ready to start adding plants from the PlantFile database.

Note that the plant database you select from this menu is tied to the active Preference Set. You can have some projects pull from PlantFile and others pull from our default database. To ensure you're pulling from the correct plant database, make sure you have the correct Preference Set selected when you start each project.

Planting Preferences, PlantFile menu option

Adding Plants from PlantFile to a Land F/X Project

Adding plants to a project from PlantFile is a similar process to adding them from our default database.


To begin adding plants from PlantFile, open the Plant Manager:



F/X Planting ribbon, Plant Manager flyout


F/X Planting ribbon, Plant Manager flyout




Plant Manager toolbar


Plant Manager toolbar




Planting toolbar


Planting toolbar

F/X Planting menu


F/X Planting menu, Plant Manager option




or type ProjectPlants in the Command line




Plant Manager, New button

Select the plant type you'd like to add (example: Trees). Then click New.




The PlantFile database will open. You can begin searching for and adding plants.




In this example, we'll add an oak tree by searching for the genus Quercus in the search bar, making sure we have the Botanical name option selected from the menu.


The menu also includes options to search by ID, common name, cultivars, and plant overview.

The Plant Overview option will result in a broad search, where everything from the description to the botanical name will be searched using the terms you provide.


After searching, you'll see an entry at the bottom of the screen for each plant that meets your search criteria. Click the Add to Project button within the entry for a plant to add that plant to your Land F/X project.

Searching the PlantFile database

The PlantFile window will close when you add a plant. When the PlantFile window is opened again, the search bar will retain the most recent search. Press the green refresh button (with the small white circle within) to clear previous search entries.




PlantFile window retains most recent search

You can also choose to hover the mouse on a plant to see a few brief details about that plant (as pictured to the left). Click View Details to see more in-depth information on the plant.


You can click Remove from Project to remove the plant from your project.




If you click View Details, you'll see a screen similar to the image shown to the right, which will include detailed information on the selected plant.


If you haven't already added the plant to your project, you'll also see an Add to Project button here, which you can click to add the plant.

PlantFile database, View Details button

Narrowing Your Search

You can narrow your plant search results with the following categories:

  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search


PlantFile database, search options




Simple Search

PlantFile database, Simple search option




Simple Search window

The Simple Search window includes several options to filter your search results, including:

  • Plant Use
  • Climate Zones
  • Soil Sype
  • Flower Colour
  • Aspect (i.e., sun/shade amount)
  • Flowering Period
  • Fruiting Period
  • Optimum PH Range


    Clear the search bar to filter all results.


    Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the results.


    The blue bar at the top of this window signifies how many of the total plants in the database are included in the current filter.




Advanced Search

PlantFile database, Advance search option




The Advanced Search window offers the to see data on, and search by, Plant, Leaf, Flower, or Fruit


Selecting one of these options will bring up several menus, which you can use to narrow down your search parameters for the selected option.


A list of plants that meet your criteria will appear at the bottom of the window.

Advanced Search window

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