Our Login System for Plant Data Editing
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Our Login System for Plant Data Editing

Concurrently with updating the user interface and data fields for adding plants to the Land F/X master plant database, we're expanding our efforts to keep the database accurate and consistent. These efforts have required us to institute a more formal system for adding and editing plant data in our database, including a new login system.

Why You Now Need to Log In

We've rolled out a major overhaul of our interface for editing plant data. Along with these updates, we've built more consistency and accuracy into our plant data tagging system, which in turn requires us to vet information entered or edited by users. The login system is a necessary component of this vetting process.

The increased accuracy in our plant data editing system has taken some of the fluidity from the user editing process by necessity. For example, if you were to remove all tags except those you want to display in your schedule, other database users would also lose that removed data. In this case, we would have to add all that data back. Users who remove data in this way multiple times will lose their ability to edit plant data.


What to do if you're blocked

How to Log In

When you start to edit plant data, you'll see a form in the plant data dialog box. Here, you'll enter your Land F/X Support ID, email address, and a password.

Don't know your Support ID? Here's how to find it.




After filling out the form, check your email for a message from Land F/X. This message will include the rules for editing data, as well as a verification link. After clicking this link, you'll be able to return to the plant data dialog box, log in, and start editing plants.

Guidelines for Changing Plant Data

To contribute responsibly to our plant database, please follow our guidelines for editing tags.

What to Do If You're Blocked from Changing Plant Data

If you find yourself blocked from editing plant data, make sure you're familiar with our data editing guidelines. You can send us a technical support ticket if you have questions and want clarification. We can unblock users once we've verified that they have developed an understanding of why we enter data in this specific way.

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