Highlight Plant and Highlight Object

Our Highlight Plant and Highlight Object tools help you identify plants and other smart objects such as Reference Notes (RefNotes) in order to error check your drawings. Each of these tools will highlight all instances of a selected plant or other object in your drawing.

Highlight Overview

Open the Highlight Plant or Highlight Object tool:


F/X Planting ribbon, Highlight button




F/X Site ribbon, Highlight Object button




Plant Label toolbar

F/X Planting menu, Highlight Plant option



or type FX_HighlightPlant in the Command line




You can also open this tool by opening either the Plant Manager or Reference Note Manager and clicking Highlight.


Highlighting Plants or Other Smart Objects

Open one of our Highlight tools as described above.



The Command line will prompt you to Select object to highlight.



Click an object, such as a plant, plant label, or Amenity Reference Note, to highlight all instances of that object in the drawing.



By default, all instances of the object or block you selected will be highlighted with a yellow circle on layer L-ANNO-HILT with a lineweight of 1.00 mm. You can change the default settings for this layer by following our instructions for editing layer information.



Our Highlight tools automatically enable Display Lineweight (LWT) settings. To toggle this setting off, click the LWT status toggle below the Command line.

Highlighting Additional Plants or Other Objects

After you execute one of our Highlight tools, the Command line will prompt you with a list of options.



Typing A for "highlight Additional similar objects" will prompt you with a list of filters for selecting additional objects.


Apply filters based on plant type or size to highlight additional plants.


Selecting Highlighted Plants or Other Objects

After you run the Highlight Plant tool, the Command line will give you a list of options.



Typing S for "Select current set" will select all blocks that are currently highlighted.


These blocks can now be placed on a different layer, copied, deleted, moved, or WBLOCKed.

Copying or Moving Highlighted Plants or Other Objects to a Different DWG File

Complete a selection function using one of our Highlight tools.


COPY selected blocks,and PASTEORIG them into a new drawing. (Type COPY in the Command line, press Enter, then type PASTEORIG and press Enter.)


MOVE the selected blocks to another location in the same drawing. (Type MOVE in the Command line, then press Enter.)


WBLOCK the selected blocks into their own drawing. (Type WBLOCK in the Command line, then press Enter.)

Highlighting and Xrefs

Our Highlight tools will not work on plants or other Land F/X objects in Xrefs. You'll need to open the Xref to use our Highlight tools on those objects.

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