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Match Plant

Our Match Plant tool grabs the symbol and data assigned to one plant and then copies that plant, along with all its data, into other locations in your drawing. In this way, you can place plants quickly without having to open the Plant Manager.

Hoping to apply the properties of one plant to other existing plants in your drawing? Check out our Match Properties tool.

Match Plant Overview

Open Match Plant:



F/X Planting ribbon, Match Plant flyout


or type FX_MatchPlant in the Command line




The cursor will turn into a pickbox, and the Command line will prompt you to Select source object.



You can now select either an individual tree or shrub, or a groundcover or Shrub Area, to copy.



Matching Individual Trees and Shrubs

Select a plant in your drawing that you want to re-create. This plant will become the Source Object, which will give its symbol and data to the new plants you are about to place using Match Plant.




Once you select the source plant, you'll see a copy of the selected plant at the cursor crosshairs.



You can now click to place that plant in your drawing as many times as you need to.




Keyboard Commands for Trees and Shrubs

With Match Plant active, you can type K to see the available keyboard commands for matching individual trees or shrubs. These commands correspond to the keyboard commands available in our Plant Shotgun feature.


Type any of the following commands on your keyboard. (The Keyboard Commands dialog box is only informational – the key buttons won't actually fire the commands.)

  • 1–0: Set a number of plants to place (aka Shotgun Mode).
  • Q/E: Toggle to the previous/next available plant in the Plant Manager.
  • T: Enter Paint Mode, where you can "paint" an area with copies of the selected plant.
  • W/S: If placing multiple plants, set a wider/smaller spacing for them (aka Shotgun Spacing).
  • A/D: Rotate the copied plant(s) you are placing to the left/right.
  • L: Label the copied plant(s) you're placing.
  • X: Enable our Xhair Angle tool, which allows you to place plants at a set angle.
  • V: Switch to our Copy along Line tool.
  • C: Switch to our Copy along Arc tool.




Match Plant and Shrub Area & Groundcover Hatches

You can also use Match Plant to copy and place Shrub Area and groundcover hatches.



To use Match Plant with a Shrub Area or groundcover hatch in your drawing, select one instance of the hatch when prompted to Select source object.



To match the plant in an enclosed area you've already drawn, click the boundary of that area.






The groundcover or Shrub Area will fill the polyline area.




With Match Plant active, you can also choose to:

  • Type D (for Draw) to draw the polyline area on the fly. Any closed polyline area you draw with the tool still active will be filled with plant you selected as the Source Object.
  • Type E (for Exclude Shrubs). Our Exclude Shrubs tool will be engaged, meaning any shrubs within the polyline areas you select will be excluded from the hatch. (Note: This feature will only work with groundcovers – not Shrub Areas). More information >
  • Type M (for Multiple). You'll then be able to exclude interior objects from the hatch as you would when placing any groundcover or Shrub Area.

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