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Plant Mirror

With our Plant Mirror tool, you can copy a group of plants or site amenities into a mirrored arrangement in your drawing.







We engineered Plant Mirror to accomplish the same purpose as the CAD Mirror tool but with better results. In fact, we don't recommend using the CAD Mirror tool, which can interfere with the insertion of objects such as labels and shadows.

The Copy Plants tools allow you to copy along a line, arc, or polyline. For more information, see our Copy Plants Along a Path page.

Plant Mirror Overview

Our Plant Mirror tool mirrors plants or site amenities around an axis – much the same as the standard CAD Mirror command. However, Plant Mirror offers an important advantage: Unlike the AutoCAD Mirror command, it allows plant symbols to retain the correct Plant Shadow orientations after being mirrored.



Open Plant Mirror:



F/X Planting ribbon, Plant Mirror flyout


F/X Planting ribbon, Plant Mirror flyout




Plant Label toolbar


Plant Label toolbar

F/X Planting menu


F/X Planting menu, Mirror option




Plant Copy toolbar


Plant Copy toolbar




or type FX_Mirror in the Command line.




The Command line will prompt you to Select objects.



Select the plants or site amenities you wish to mirror. Right-click or press Enter when finished selecting. The Command line will prompt you to Specify first point of mirror line.



In most cases, you'll “snap” to some known point exactly halfway between the two areas to which you are mirroring. The Command line will prompt you to: Specify second point of mirror line.



With the ORTHO command on, and as with the CAD Mirror command, move your mouse one way in the direction in which you want the mirror to occur. The plants or site amenities will be mirrored along the line.




In this example, we'll mirror some existing plants on the opposite side of the street.

Group of plants to mirror, example




CLick to set base point

Setting a base point exactly halfway between the two buildings will mirror the plants.

Plant Mirror and Plant Shadows

Our Plant Mirror tool functions similarly to the AutoCAD Mirror command. However, if you use Plant Shadows, you'll definitely want to use Plant Mirror.




If you were to use the Mirror command on a group of plants, shadows on the copied plants would have opposite shadow angles from those of the original plants, as pictured to the right.



As a result, you'd have to change the shadow angles manually, which could become tedious at best over a large plan.

Plant Mirror with Plant Shadows




Shadow angles remain the same after Plant Mirror applied

If you use Plant Mirror, the shadow angles will remain the same on the copied plants.

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