Plant Outlines
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Plant Outlines

Our Plant Outlines tool increases the legibility of planting plans by placing a single outline on each contiguous planting area, while preserving plant blocks and their ability to be called out. You can use plant outlines on both trees and shrubs, or individually.


Plant Outlines Overview

Open our Plant Outlines tool:



F/X Planting ribbon, Plant Outlines flyout

F/X Planting ribbon, Plant Outlines flyout





Plant Render toolbar

Plant Render toolbar




Planting toolbar

Planting toolbar

F/X Planting menu

F/X Planting menu, Plant Outlines option




or type FX_PlantOutlines in the Command line




The Plant Outlines dialog box will open.



Type a value in the Outline offset field to determine how far the outlines will offset from your plants. In this example, we'll set an offset value of 1 foot. (If you have your units set to metric, you'll set your offset value in meters rather than feet.)


Select Trees to outline trees in your drawing, and select Shrubs to outline shrubs.


To apply the Plant Outlines, just close the dialog box.

Plant Outlines, offset value and plant type




A continuous polyline should now appear around individual planting groups, and all interior linework will be assigned to color 254 by default.

Example of Plant Outlines

In this example, we'll add Plant Outlines to the drawing shown below.


Example drawing to apply Plant Outlines



Applying Plant Outlines to shrubs only

In our example, we'll apply Plant Outlines only to shrubs in the drawing by checking the Shrubs option and unchecking the Trees option.




A contiguous polyline will be applied to the outline of each group of shrubs.


Plant Outlines applied to shrubs

Note that the visual results of the Plant Outlines tool won't become fully apparent until you run a Print / Plot Preview or display your plot styles. (See below.)

Display Plot Styles to View Plant Outlines

As mentioned above, the results of the Plant Outlines tool won't be fully visible until you see them as they'll actually plot. One quick way to do this is to display your plot styles using the Page Setup Manager.



Open the Page Setup Manager:



Output ribbon, Page Setup Manager button

Output ribbon, Page Setup Manager button












or type PAGESETUP in the Command line

File menu

File pull-down menu, Page Setup Manager option





The Page Setup Manager will open.



Click Modify.

Page Setup Manager, Modify button




Page Setup dialog box, Diaplay plot styles option

The Page Setup dialog box for the selected sheet will open. Check the Display plot styles option, then click OK.




You can now view the results of the Plant Outlines tool – that is, how the drawing will plot – in Paper Space.




Our example drawing with the Display plot styles option turned on. Note the contiguous polylines drawn around the Shrub Areas.


Example drawing with Plant Outlines and Display plot styles enabled

Turning Plant Outlines On and Off

To turn plant outlines on and off, open the Plant Outlines dialog box and click either On or Off.

Turning Plant Outlines on and off




When you turn outlines off, all plant symbols will be set back to their original form without outlines.

Plant Outlines' Effect on Your Layers

By default, all plant blocks are converted to color 254 – a screened back plot style.

You can always customize layers to meet your office standards or preferences.

The Plant Outlines tool creates a new layer to represent the heavy outline. By default, this layer is named LK-TREE-OTLN or LK-SHRB-OTLN. Freezing this layer will not turn the plant outlines off.

Plant Outlines and the Plant Schedule

Plant Schedules will reflect the current status of the Plant Outlines tool. If you place a Plant Schedule with outlines turned on, the plant symbols in the schedule will include outlines. Similarly, if you place a schedule with outlines turned off, the plant symbols in the schedule will not have outlines.

If you have an existing schedule when you turn Plant Outlines on, the symbols will fade but will not automatically get outlines. Regenerate the schedule to apply outlines.

Plant Outlines and Color Plant Symbols

Want to outline your colorized plants? Our Plant Outlines tool also works with color plant symbols you've placed using our Color Render tool.

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