User-Defined Data Fields
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User-Defined Data Fields

The Plant Sizes Preferences screen allows you to control various aspects of what will be in Plant Schedules you place, and how they will be displayed.

Accessing the Plant Sizes Preferences

F/X Planting ribbon


F/X Planting ribbon



F/X Admin menu


Any of the F/X pull-down menus (F/X Admin, F/X Graphics, F/X Planting, F/X Irrigation, or F/X Details)



F/X Planting toolbar


Several toolbars (F/X Planting toolbar pictured)












or by typing *FXPreferences in the Command line

Creating User-Defined Fields in the Plant Sizes Preferences

The Plant Sizes Preferences screen offers a great degree of flexibility, and allows you to add your own individual information fields for each plant category. These fields will appear as columns in your Plant Schedules.


Plant Sizes Preferences, overview

1. Plant Sizes: Select a plant category to customize in the schedule. The number of columns for the selected type of plant can range from one to six. The first field will always show what will be displayed in the label.




2. Plant Category Fields: Each field is unique to the selected main plant category.




3. Category Field Value List: Each value list will be unique to the selected plant category field.




4. Cost: This field shows the default cost for this size of plant. Individual plants can be assigned a unique cost.

For information on adding and configuring these data fields, see our Editing Plants: Additional Fields documentation.

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