Verify Plant Labels in Revit Planting F/X

Verify Plant Labels in Revit Planting F/X

After labeling your plants in Revit, don't forget to use our Verify Labels tool. With one click, Verify Labels error checks your plant labels to ensure you've called out each plant.


Like our Verify Labels tool in CAD, our Revit Verify Labels tool provides a valuable safeguard against labeling errors in your plan.

Verify Labels Overview

Open our Verify Labels tool in a plan you've labeled:


Planting F/X ribbon in Revit, Verify Labels button


Planting F/X ribbon, Verify Labels button




All unlabeled plants will be highlighted in cyan.

In Revit, Verify Labels only looks for unlabeled plants. Our labeling tools prevent plants from being labeled twice, which eliminates the need for the tool to scan for double-labeled plants.

All unlabeled plants highlighted in cyan




All plants correctly labeled message

After labeled the plants that have shown up as unlabeled, run Verify Labels again. If you've labeled all plants correctly, you'll see the message All plants correctly labeled.


If you still see plants highlighted in cyan, continue labeling plants and running Verify Labels until you see this message.

Updating Labels After Deleting Plants

You can also use Verify Labels to update callouts where plants have been deleted. Just run the tool, and the plant counts will update automatically in the labels.


Plant counts update automatically and All plants correctly labeled message displays


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