Plant Manager: Planting F/X for Revit® Plugin

Plant Manager: Planting F/X for Revit® Plugin

The Plant Manager in our Planting F/X for Revit Plugin is a project palette of plants listed with all their data, and organized into Trees, Shrubs and Ground Covers. It’s your hub for your planting data.

Plant Manager Overview

Open the Plant Manager tool:


Planting F/X ribbon in Revit, Plant Manager flyout


Planting F/X ribbon, Plant Manager flyout




The Plant Manager will open as a dockable palette right inside Revit.




Land F/X Plant Manager in Revit, overview

1. Select a plant category.


2. Use these checkboxes to see only placed or unplaced plants in the list.


3. Check this box to preview your plant symbols as you add them.


4. Previews of 2D, 3D, and Color Render versions of the chosen plant symbol. If no symbol is assigned, these previews will be blank.


5. Your plants will be listed in this area as you add them to your project.


Adding Plants to Your Project

When you're ready to build your plant palette, you'll add plants to your Planting F/X project by clicking New.


See our documentation on adding plants to a project in Revit.


To learn what a Planting F/X project is and how it works, see our documentation on Planting F/X projects in Revit.

Plant Manager, New button

Editing Plant Parameter Data & Assigning Symbols to Plants

After you've added plants to your project, you'll need to edit them and assign them with symbols before you can place them in your plan. See our instructions for editing plants in a Revit Planting F/X project.

Placing Plants in Your Plan

Plant Manager, Place button

After you've added plants to your project, you can click Place to start placing them in your planting plan. See our documentation on placing plants in Revit.

Important: You need to use this Place button or the Land F/X ribbon tools to place, copy, or array plants. The native Revit Copy and Array tools do not copy the object data in a way that our Label and Verify Labels tools can track, resulting in incorrect quantities. Only use Land F/X tools for placing any plants in your plan.

Plant Categories

Project plants are organized into three categories:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Ground Covers


When you select one of these categories (example: Shrubs), the plants selected for that category will display in the list.

Plant Manager, plant categories




Trees and shrubs are represented by individual symbols (.rfa families) in your Revit project file. Groundcovers are depicted by filled regions, with a single hatch representing a contiguous region containing the same plant. For more information, see our Edit Plant in Revit Planting F/X documentation.

Deleting Plants

Plant Manager, Delete button

Click Delete to delete a plant from your project.

Take care when deleting plants! When you delete a plant, all data associated with that plant, including its symbol, will be deleted from your project.

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Issue: Error: javascript:void(0), Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts of ActiveX controls. Allow blocked content? (When attempting to assign symbols in Revit)


Issue: Error: Your Land F/X Support ID does not match any on our server. Would you like to activate with a new one?


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Issue: The whole Plant Manager is solid black when you open it


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