Place Plants in Revit Planting F/X

After you've added plants to a project using our Plant Manager, you can begin placing them in your plan. For more information on Land F/X projects and how they work with Revit and CAD, see our documentation on:

Placing Trees and Shrubs

If you haven’t done so already, open our Revit Plant Manager and add plants to your Land F/X project.




In the Revit Properties panel, change the view to a 3D or plan view such as {3D} or Site.




Open the Plant Manager, and highlight the tree or shrub you want to place.


Click Place to begin placing the tree or shrub.

Important: You need to use this Place button or the Land F/X ribbon tools to place, copy, or array plants. The native Revit Copy and Array tools do not copy the object data in a way that our Label and Verify Labels tools can track, resulting in incorrect quantities. Only use Land F/X tools for placing any plants in your plan.




Move your mouse over your plan.


The plant family that's currently assigned should show up as ready to place, in the style for the view you’re currently using (3D or 2D).




Click to place the plant.


Continue moving your mouse around the site and clicking to place.

Important note: We're aware of an issue where some ground plane objects are not accepting a placed plant family. Please help us improve this issue by sending us your plan in a technical support ticket, noting examples of where the issue is occurring.


As a workaround, place the plant elsewhere and move it back afterward.




Press the Escape (ESC) key twice to stop placing plants. You can now either continue placing plants or start using other tools on these plants such as our:

Placing Groundcovers

To start placing a groundcover, create a filled region in Revit. How to create a filled region in Revit




Open the Plant Manager, and highlight the groundcover you want to place.


Click Place to begin placing the groundcover.




Click a region. The command will end, and if you select the region, you'll see the LAFX parameters have been added, and the plant can now be called out and scheduled.



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