Match Plant in Revit Planting F/X

Our Match Plant tool grabs the symbol and data assigned to one plant and then copies that plant, along with all its data, into other locations in your drawing. In this way, you can place plants quickly without having to open the Plant Manager.







Hoping to apply the properties of one plant to other existing plants in your drawing? Use our Match Properties tool instead.

Use the Planting F/X Match Plant tool instead of the native Revit Copy tool tool for Planting F/X plants. This tool brings over more essential data and changes than basic Revit can.

Match Plant Overview

Open the Plant Manager tool:



Planting F/X ribbon, Match Plant flyout




The Revit Status Bar will prompt you to Pick a Plant. You can now select either an individual tree or shrub, or a groundcover, to copy.

Matching Individual Trees and Shrubs

Select a plant in your drawing that you want to re-create.


This plant will become the Source Object, which will give its symbol and data to the new plants you're about to place using Match Plant.




Once you select the source plant, you'll see a copy of the selected plant at the cursor.


You can now click to place that plant in your drawing as many times as you need to.

Matching Groundcovers

Coming soon


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