Edit Object (Block Data)
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Edit Object (Block Data)

If you need to view or edit information about a site block or hatch you've placed in your drawing, such as a Reference Note amenity, use our Edit Object tool (previously known as Block Data). You can also use this tool to change a "dumb" or generic site object, such as a block from our Plan, Elevation, or Discipline Graphics libraries, into a "smart" site object – AKA a Reference Note.

Accessing the Edit Object Tool

Open the Edit Object tool:


F/X Site ribbon, Edit Object button


F/X Site ribbon, Edit Object option






Type FX_ObjInfo in the Command line

F/X Site menu


F/X Site menu, Edit Object option




The cursor will turn into a pickbox, and the Command line will prompt you to Select object. You can then use the pickbox to select a block or hatch in your drawing.

Editing a "Smart" Site Object

"Smart" site objects – that is, blocks or hatches with data assigned to them – may have been placed using our Reference Notes, Grading, Zoning, Estimator, or Lighting tools.



To edit one of these "smart" objects in your drawing, open the Edit Object tool and use the pickbox to select the object.




You'll be brought to an Edit dialog box for the object you selected, where you can make your edits. The example to the right shows the Edit Zone dialog box, where you can edit a Zoning category.


For more information, see our instructions on editing the following items:

Changing a Generic ("Dumb") Site Object into a Reference Note ("Smart" Site Object)

You can also use the Edit Object tool to assign data to a generic, or "dumb," site object – essentially, transforming it into a Reference Note. For instructions, see our Assign Data to Generic Objects page.

Editing Work Areas and Recovering Work Area Titles

You can now use Edit Object to edit the information assigned to Work Areas. If you've somehow lost or deleted the MLeader title of a Work Area, you can simply edit that Work Area and the title will be restored. How to edit a Work Area


Issue: While working offline, you are unable to access hatch patterns you've already used. The thumbnail previews in the Hatch dialog box are blank.


Issue: You received the following error when trying to edit a plant: Unable to update object. Please ensure applicable layers are not locked.

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