Breakline Symbol
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Breakline Symbol

Our Breakline Symbol quickly cuts a line in your detail or drawing with a specialized block symbol. A common symbol in the construction industry, a breakline marks a break of undefined length in a linear object within a detail or drawing. Sections inside this break are typically identical on either side, such as a length of wall or fencing.

You can also place breakline symbols using our Discipline Graphics tool.

Breakline Symbol Overview

Open the Breakline Symbol tool:


F/X Details ribbon, Breakline Symbol flyout


F/X Details ribbon, Breakline Symbol flyout

F/X Details menu


F/X Details menu, Breakline Symbol option



Or type FX_Breakline in the Command line







The cursor will turn into a pickbox.


Select the location on the line where you want to place a break.

Select location of Breakline Symbol




line break inserted




A line break will be inserted at the location you selected.

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