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We've consolidated all our callouts related to site and hardscape design into a single ribbon menu. The tools listed on this page are all available as flyouts of the Site Callouts button on the F/X Site ribbon, as well as options on the F/X Site menu.



F/X Site ribbon


F/X Site menu

Reference Note (RefNote) Callouts

With Reference Note (RefNote) callouts, you can label RefNotes you've placed in your drawing.


For more information, see our RefNote Callouts page.

Detail Callouts

Use Detail Callouts to reference details you've placed in your drawing.


For more information, see our Referencing Details page.

Northing/Easting Points

With our Northing/Easting Points tool, you can mark known survey points in your plan.


For more information, see our Northing/Easting Points page.

Spot Elevations

You can use our Spot Elevations tool to place elevation callouts throughout your plan.


For more information, see our Spot Elevation page.

Slope Callouts

Slope Callouts mark the direction and percentage of slopes in your drawing.


For more information, see our Slope Callouts page.

Photo Callouts

We originally developed our Photo Callout tool to label plants with actual plant photos sourced from Google Images. This feature also works for objects such as site amenities and lighting components.


For more information, see our Photo Callouts page.

Callouts / Discipline Graphics

Our Discipline Graphics include several other types of callouts, including arrows, scale bars, breaklines, and some of our other site callouts such as Northing/Easting Points, Slope Callouts, and Spot Elevations.


The Callouts flyout from either the F/X Site ribbon or menu opens our Discipline Graphics tool. Discipline Graphics include a number of standard callouts and graphics related to disciplines such as civil and electrical.


For more information, see our Discipline Graphics page.

Related Webinars

  • Common Land F/X Questions: This webinar covers some of our lesser-known tools, including our Spot Elevation and Slope Callout tools. (1 hr)
  • Grading and Drainage: Learn simple grading processes using our annotation tools, as well as some basics in Civil 3D for more dynamic site modeling. We'll explore how to automate your grading workflow based on the needs of the project. (1 hr 2 min)
  • Site Plans and Land F/X: Aaron Emerson of Mills Design Group will show some award-winning case studies of how the Land F/X Site tools, including the grading tools, are used throughout his office. Aaron will also go over some important lessons learned while setting up an efficient site design workflow. (57 min)

Site Callouts and Match Block

Our Match Block tool allows you to copy a site callout and place a duplicate where needed.

For instructions, see our Match Block page.


Issue: You placed a callout inside a Work Area with a UCS assigned to it, and the callout aligned to that UCS rather than to the WCS


Issue: Outside Limits error message in the Command line / you are unable to place callouts / can't see callouts in Model Space


Issue: Error: An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line: 31 Char: 17 Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'forEach' Code: 0 URL: ... when using the Photo Callout tool


Issue: Your callout arrows are hollow, not solid, or displaying as lines only

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