Clone Object (Formerly Known as Match Object) – Site
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Clone Object (Formerly Known as Match Object) – Site

Our Clone Object tool (formerly known as Match Object) is a reiteration of our Clone Plant tool integrated into our site tools. With Clone Object, you can select a smart or generic block, callout, or hatch you've placed in your drawing (including Reference Notes) and quickly place copies of it – including all attached data.




Clone Object Overview



Open Clone Object:


Clone Object


F/X Site ribbon, Clone Object flyout




Type FX_SiteCloneObject in the Command line

F/X Site menu


F/X Site menu, Clone Object option




The cursor will turn into a pickbox, and the Command line will prompt you to Select source object. Select the block or hatch you want to copy, then press Enter.



In this example, we'll use the pickbox to select one of the table blocks pictured to the right.




Once you've selected the object you want to copy, press Enter.

Selecting source objects




You can then click to place the copied block, callout, or hatch.

If you've copied a hatch, you can select an existing closed polyline as the hatch boundary, or draw a closed polyline. Either way, the hatch you selected will be applied to the closed polyline boundary.


Copied object placed

In our example, we've clicked to place the copied table in the location shown to the left.



Continue clicking to continue placing additional copies of the block or hatch.

Clone Object also works on site callouts and annotation blocks, allowing you to copy an existing callout or block. You can select the following items as source objects and place duplicates:




Clone Object and Slope Areas

Slope Areas work with our Slope Callout tool to apply a specific grade percentage or ratio to a closed polyline area in your drawing. Objects represented by any smart hatches within those closed polylines (Slope Areas) will have their quantity, volume, or area recalculated based on that slope percentage or ratio.


Clone Object recognizes Slope Areas. If you select a Slope Area callout or boundary as a source object with Clone Object active, the duplicate area you place will also become a Slope Area.

Incompatibility With the Stipple Hatch Pattern

Our Stipple hatch pattern for groundcovers is incompatible with our Clone Object tool because each stipple hatch is actually a series of several hatches at different scales. If you plan to use Clone Object on a hatch, use a pattern other than Stipple.


Stipple hatch pattern
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