The SketchUp Library Folder
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The SketchUp Library Folder

Any components and materials from our database that appear in your SketchUp models will be stored in a library folder. Our SketchUp plugin requires you to designate a location for this folder. You can set an existing folder on your hard drive, or on your firm’s network, as your library folder. You may also create a new folder for this purpose.


You were required to set this library location when you installed the Land F/X SketchUp plugin. To change the location of your SketchUp library, follow the steps below.

Setting Your SketchUp Library Folder

Open the SketchUp Land F/X settings:


Land F/X toolbar in SketchUp, Settings button


LandFX toolbar, Settings button

Land F/X menu in SketchUp, Settings option


Land-FX menu, Settings option




The Land F/X Settings dialog box will open.


The folder path of your SketchUp library is listed in the Library Location field. Click Browse to set your library folder.

Land F/X Settings dialog box, Library Location field




Navigate to your library folder, then click Save. The folder path you chose should now appear in the Library Location field.

A correct library path should:

Begin with a letter drive and end in a folder named Library – example: C:/Users/Documents/SketchUp/Library or L:/LandFX/SketchUp/Library

Reference a folder that:

  • Has Read/Write permissions, and
  • Does not contain any files that are not related to the Land F/X SketchUp plugin

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