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SketchUp: Projects Tool

The Projects tool allows you to access a list of your Land F/X projects created in SketchUp or CAD.




Before importing an Land F/X project from CAD into SketchUp, you'll need to export it from CAD. For more information, see the Exporting a Land F/X Project from CAD section below.

The units you set in your SketchUp model will also need to match the units you've set in the associated Land F/X project and CAD drawing. For information on matching your units between CAD and SketchUp, see our Setting the Units in SketchUp documentation.

Projects Tool Overview

Open the Land F/X Projects tool:




LandFX toolbar, Place Site Amenity button


Land-FX menu, Projects option




The Land F/X Projects dialog box will open.



Here, you'll see a list of all Land F/X projects you've created in SketchUp, or imported from CAD into SketchUp.

Starting a New Land F/X Project

Click the New button in the Land F/X Projects dialog box.




The New Project dialog box will open. Enter a unique Project Number and Project Name.

Your project number must be a unique number within your saved projects. This may apply to your entire firm, depending on where your firm's files are saved.


Click OK. You've now created a new Land F/X project and can begin designing in SketchUp using our plugin.

Exporting a Land F/X Project from CAD

Before importing the data from a design created in CAD with a Land F/X project into a SketchUp model, you must export your design from CAD to SketchUp.


Open the CAD drawing associated with the project you want to export into SketchUp.



In our example, we'll export the data from this CAD drawing, along with the associated Land F/X project, into SketchUp. This will include not only the database containing plants and other items we have added to the project, but also the data reflecting the placement of those items in the drawing. Once we've exported these items from CAD, we can then import components from the drawing and the associated project into a SketchUp model.



Still in CAD, open our 3D Connection tool:



F/X Planting ribbon, SketchUp flyout







Planting toolbar

F/X Planting menu, SketchUp Connection option





Plant Render toolbar




or type SketchUpExport in the Command line




The SketchUp Connection dialog box will open.



Click the Export Design button to export the plant data from this drawing and the associated Land F/X project into SketchUp.




You'll now see a message that your design has been exported into SketchUp.



Click OK to close this dialog box.




The plants and other items you've added to the Land F/X project associated with this drawing have been exported into SketchUp. The data reflecting the placement of the plants and other items has also been exported. You're now ready to import all this data into your SketchUp model.

Opening an Existing Land F/X Project in SketchUp

Access the Projects tool as described above.




The Land F/X Projects dialog box will open. Here, you'll see a list of allprojects you've created in CAD or SketchUp.



To open an existing project, click the project name in the list to select it.




Once you click the project name, the project will open and you can begin designing in SketchUp using our plugin.

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