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SketchUp: Plant Info Tool

Our SketchUp Plant Info tool provides information on plants you have placed in an existing Land F/X project that you have either:

  • Created in SketchUp
  • Created in CAD and imported into SketchUp

You'll need to open a new or existing Land F/X project before using this tool. You can create a new Land F/X project in SketchUp, or open an existing project, using the Projects Tool.

Plant Info Tool Overview

The Land F/X Plant Info tool in SketchUp provides information on plants you have placed in an existing Land F/X project that you have either:

  • Created in SketchUp
  • Created in CAD and imported into SketchUp


To access information about a specific plant or plant type in your design, first click the plant to select it.




You'll now see a blue 3D cube around the plant you've selected.




Once you've selected a plant, open the Plant Info tool:




LandFX toolbar, Plant Info button



Land-FX menu, Plant Info option




The Land F/X Plant Info dialog box will open.




This dialog box shows the plant's taxonomical and common names, as well as the plant's symbol width in your design.



The Symbol box near the bottom of the dialog box displays the symbol you currently have set for the selected plant.

Assigning a Symbol to a Plant

The first time you add a specific type of plant to a SketchUp project, an entry for the plant will appear in the Land F/X Place Shrubs or Land F/X Place Trees dialog box wihout a symbol, as pictured below.




You'll be required to assign a symbol to that plant before placing it in your design. The symbol will provide a visual representation for the plant wherever it appears in your design.



To begin assigning the plant a symbol, click the blank box above its name in the dialog box.




The Land F/X Plant Info dialog box for the selected plant will open.



Note that the box in the Symbol area will be blank.



Click this blank box.




The Land F/X Select Component dialog box will open.




To select the plant type, click the pull-down box in the top left corner of the dialog box (see the image to the right).



A pull-down menu will open, allowing you to select the type of plant to which you want to assign a symbol.



This feature offers several plant categories to browse through in order to locate the most applicable symbol for your plant.

You can also browse for your own pre-saved plant symbols by clicking Browse. However, your library of pre-saved symbols must be located in the folder you've designated as your Land F/X SketchUp plugin folder.




Scroll through the symbol library, and click a symbol thumbnail image to assign that symbol to the selected plant.



In this example, we've selected the symbol SC-AloeVer-01-h as the closest representation of the shrub Aloe africana




The Land F/X Plant Info dialog box will open again, and the symbol you selected will now be visible in the Symbol thumbnail area.



Click OK to accept the symbol assignment and close the dialog box.



You can now begin placing the plant in your design.





Once you assign a symbol to a plant, you'll see that symbol above the name of the plant in the Land F/X Place Plants or Land F/X Place Shrubs dialog box.

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