SketchUp: Settings Tool (Including How to Update our SketchUp Plugin)

SketchUp: Settings Tool (Including How to Update our SketchUp Plugin)

The Settings tool allows you to update your Land F/X SketchUp plugin and change the location of your SketchUp library folder.

Settings Tool Overview

Open the Settings tool:



LandFX toolbar in SketchUp, Settings button


LandFX toolbar, Settings button

Land-FX menu in SketchUp, Settings option


Land-FX menu, Settings option




The Land F/X Settings dialog box will open.


Land F/X Settings dialog box

Library Location: Your SketchUp library is the folder that contains components and materials from our database that appear in your SketchUp models. (You'll be required to designate this folder when you download our SketchUp plugin.) The Library Location field shows the current location of this folder.

If you want, you can change the folder location by selecting a new folder. Click Browse..., navigate to folder you want to set as your library folder, then click Save.


You can set an existing folder on your hard drive, or on your firm's network, as your library folder. You can also create a new folder for this purpose.



Support ID: This field displays your password for our SketchUp plugin. Don't change the text in this field unless required by your network administrator.


Version: This field displays the version of our SketchUp plugin you're currently running. If you're running the current version, you'll see the text "The plugin is up to date" below this field.

If your version of the plugin is not up to date, you can download the latest version by clicking Update.

A correct library path should:

Begin with a letter drive and end in a folder named Library – example: C:/Users/Documents/SketchUp/Library or L:/LandFX/SketchUp/Library

Reference a folder that:

  • Has Read/Write permissions, and
  • Does not contain any files that are not related to the Land F/X SketchUp plugin

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