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F/X CAD is a tailored version of AutoCAD, sold and supported by Land F/X.

Includes the same top features from AutoCAD 2018.

Enhance your plain CAD platform with our sleek and customized toolbars.

Get the same outstanding Land F/X tech support for CAD issues and questions.

The familiarity of AutoCAD – with enhanced capabilities.


Insert raster image

Insert DGN, DXF, DWG
(R12 – 2015)

Insert PDF underlay

Export as PDF

(R12-2015), PS

Object transparency

Annotation Scale

Command-line auto-complete

CUI Editor

Sheet Set Manager

SketchUp Connection

Land F/X will be your technical support channel for any and all CAD-related issues.


Autodesk 360

Live Maps

Autodesk Seek

Autodesk Materials Library

Autodesk Inventor Fusion

Autodesk CAD Manager

Autodesk Content Service

3D Editing commands

Lighting, Rendering, Materials commands

AutoLISP capability

ARX, DotNet capability

Action recorder


Third-party tool capability
(M-Color, etc.)

Get rid of the unnecessary tools cluttering your screen.

F/X CAD, in conjunction with Land F/X, leaves you with all the fundamental tools to design more efficiently.

F/X CAD brings you the latest AutoCAD
improvements for 2018.




Selection boxes previously only worked on objects currently visible on the screen. You’re now free to zoom in for a precise second click, grabbing all objects within the selection box with increased accuracy.

New drawing
file type.


F/X CAD is a genuine AutoCAD engine with native DWG read-write capability. Freely access any DWG file you receive – including the new 2018 file type, which increases the efficiency of opening and saving items such as attribute objects.

auto saving.


The new file type also allows you to change your auto-save process to only save the parts of the drawing that have changed. Avoid auto-save slowdowns when working with larger, complex drawings.

Linetype gap


In previous versions, you couldn’t snap to the gap in a dashed line. Now you can! This small improvement will make a big difference for you on a daily basis.

Xref layer overrides.


F/X CAD 2018 highlights not only which layers have overrides, but also which properties, such as color or frozen state, you’ve changed. You can then right-click to reset the property back to what it is in the Xref.

Xref Layer Overrides.


Everybody overrides the layer properties of their xrefs. Now F/X CAD 2018 highlights not only which layers have these overrides, but also which properties, like colour or frozen state, that you’ve changed. You can then right-click to reset the property back to what it is in the xref. Also, VISRETAIN has been enhanced via VISRETAINMODE, allowing you to control which properties are retained.

Fix broken


Xrefs now default to a relative path, making it much quicker to assemble your drawing files. They’ll even list as relative if you haven’t saved yet, then update as soon as you save. Need to reorganize your entire drawing folder? Use the new find-and-replace feature to instantly adapt all paths in a drawing to your new folder hierarchy.

Tools organized for you.



Get reliable Land F/X support on all your CAD needs

You speak to real people. But what’s even better? Getting that support from real landscape architects and irrigation designers.

Email us.

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All tech support is USA-based.

Your coverage.

  • Installation
  • Activation
  • Usage questions
  • Training videos
  • Plotting
  • Crashing
  • Opening & saving files
  • Customization & more …
  • Hot fixes
  • Service Pack
  • Object Enablers

Support covers the two most recent versions of F/X CAD.
Anything older is considered “Legacy” and requires a $50 activation fee.

 System Requirements PDF

Click to view and download.

 Legacy Information PDF

Click to view and download.


F/X CAD is a perpetual license, which means you are not required to upgrade for every new version that is released.

Why upgrade?

 • Quicker adjustments to updates and changes.

 • Easier to send & receive files from other firms.

 • Cost easier on budget.

 • New features each year.

 • Interface will match our most recent Training videos.

 • You’ll have the same version our tech support staff is using – helps answer questions and solve issues more quickly.

 • Encourages your office to keep up with computer maintenance.

Upgrade costs*

*This cost is based on skipping F/X CAD versions.

2 years


3 years


4 years


5 years**


**Land F/X licenses are compatible with the five latest versions of CAD. Skipping five year versions will require a repurchase of F/X CAD.

Cost comparison*

*This cost is based on upgrading each year.

Try it for free!*

*Note that if you’ve had a previous AutoCAD 2018 trial, you will not be able to install a trial of F/X CAD 2018.

It’s almost too good to be true!

  • Better price
  • Slimmer install
  • Perpetual license
  • Land F/X tech support
  • Better integration with Land F/X
  • Time and money savings

In this F/X CAD 2018 webinar, we'll show off the helpful new features available in this latest incarnation of our Autodesk-authorized CAD platform.

We'll give you a tour of the upgraded ribbons and Xref enhancements in the new version, then answer questions from the audience. Learn all about what F/X CAD is, how it's a more affordable CAD platform, and why it will give your daily drafting workflow a big boost.


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