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F/X CAD is an Autodesk license exclusively for Land F/X users.

What's new?

Measure tool icon

Accuracy on the fly

Use the crosshair of the Quick Measure Tool inside enclosed areas. Move your mouse around to see the precise horizontal and vertical distances to the nearest parallel lines.

Compare Icon

Compare drawings and versions

Let F/X CAD tell you what's different between two drawings! Use the COMPARE command, and see what's new and what's gone with easy-to-see revision clouds you can hop between. Then, either import the changes or export a snapshot of the changes for your records.

Improved Purge Tool

It's easier to select the objects you want to purge out of your drawings. You can even view previews of blocks you're purging. It's also incredibly easier to find items you can't purge. See the reasons they can't purge – if they're placed, or referenced in an MLEADERSTYLE, for example. Want to select and zoom to those objects automatically? Just click the blue finder icon.

Purge tool icon Improvements to purge tool
Non-purge tool icon Improvements to purge tool
Old CAD Gray
New Dark Blue CAD

Beautifully bold

The new dark blue theme is now a lot easier on the eyes for long days of drafting, and 2020 features crisper icons whose better-contrasting colors help make them faster to recognize at a glance. You can still switch to light theme if desired, with the same HiDPI icons. Also, if a contextual tab opens itself, such as the Layout or Hatch contextual tab, it will be highlighted to clearly denote that it's active.

Faster Performance on your Most-Used Tasks



Layer Property Changes


Accessing Items Over Networks


Reduce your computer grind time

Each save is now 66% faster, and regenerating after layer properties changes, like changing colors, is 88% faster. Also, accessing items over a network – such as Xrefs, blocks, and support files – is faster. These seconds will add up every day, greatly reducing interruptions to your workflow.

Integration with Online Storage

Save as button Equipment from manufacturers

Have an online folder service installed? When you go to Save, Save As, or Open from F/X CAD 2020, you'll see a shortcut to that service readily available.

Your tools where you want them

Our customized CAD ribbon interface features a complete reorganization of the ribbons to fit our users' needs. Aside from removing all the unnecessary icons, we've reordered the essential ones by usage frequency.

See it in action

Take a look at our feature videos on what F/X CAD 2020 can do.

Get the skinny

2-minute video

Go in-depth

1-hour webinar


You'll speak with real people. What’s even better? Getting that support from real landscape architects and irrigation designers.


What's covered?

  • Installation
  • Activation
  • Usage questions
  • Training videos
  • Plotting
  • Crashing
  • Opening & saving files
  • Customization
  • Hot fixes
  • Service Pack
  • Object Enablers

This is your support staff.

Jeremiah Farmer

Jeremiah Farmer

CEO / Developer
Amanda Berry

Amanda Berry

Planting Usage Support
Jake Lott

Jake Lott

Irrigation Usage Support
Paul Houchin

Paul Houchin

Land F/X Usage Support
Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett

Lead Tech Support
Brian Hodge

Brian Hodge

Tech Support
Megan Castro

Megan Castro

Admin Tech Support
Forrestt Williams

Forrestt Williams

Tech Support

F/X CAD is a perpetual license.

You're not required to upgrade for every new version we release.

Pay just $500 to upgrade when you want

With Autodesk, you'd pay more than $1,500 per year, every year.

Why upgrade?

Get quicker adjustments to updates and changes. Your interface will match what you see in our most recent training materials. You’ll have the same version our tech support staff is using, which helps them answer questions and solve issues more quickly. And it will encourage your office to keep up with computer maintenance.

Get access to new features each year.

Send and receive files from other firms easily.

Keep it in your budget.

What can it do?


  • Open/Save any version of DWG, DXF, DGN
  • Geolocate plans
  • Insert raster images
  • Import/Export PDF
  • Auto-complete Command Line
  • View proxy objects (Civil 3D, Architectural, Mechanical)
  • Run any AutoCAD command you use regularly
  • Use Sheet Set Manager
  • Access 3D Connection for SketchUp, Rhino, and Revit
  • Customize interface and shortcuts
  • Get you direct support from us!


  • Run AutoLISP scripts or other add-ons
  • Use Live Maps
  • Run without a Land F/X License
  • Use AutoCAD's Rendering, Lighting, or 3D commands

F/X CAD is PC-only software. If you have a Mac, we recommend using Parallels.

  • New



    What is it?

    F/X CAD is a genuine AutoCAD engine for Land F/X users, sold and supported by us.

     Requires  Design F/X Planting F/X or Irrigation F/X.

  • Upgrade Existing to


    From 2019: $500

    From 2015–2018: $995

    How do I upgrade?

    If you have a previous version of F/X CAD you can upgrade to the latest version and get access to all of the new features.

Pair it with one of the Land F/X licenses, and you have the perfect bundle!

Get started now with F/X CAD.

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F/X CAD is our AutoCAD platform for your Land F/X licenses.

Questions? Give us a call or email!


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