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F/X CAD is an Autodesk license exclusively for Land F/X users.


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F/X CAD is AutoCAD.

A genuine Autodesk license that requires a Land F/X plugin (sold separately).



Land F/X plugins


What's New?

Compare Icon

Compare drawings and versions

An improved Xref Compare shows you what's new and what's gone with easy-to-see toggle-hidden revision clouds. Edit the current drawing while comparing. Changes made to the current drawing are instantly applied to, and visible in, the compare.

Compare Icon

Improved Break at Point

Track along a line or input an exact length to break a line apart. Breaking lines is now more accurate than ever.

Measure tool icon

Accuracy on the fly

Use the crosshair of the Quick Measure tool within enclosed areas. Move your mouse around to see the precise distances from the cursor to the boundary lines of that area. Calculate the area and perimeter of one space, or the sum areas and perimeters of multiple spaces.

Measure tool icon

Trim and Extend

Quick mode is now default. All lines in the drawing become trimming or extending edges, and you can simply click lines or click for a fence trimming line to remove or add what you need. Hold down Shift while using the Trim command to activate the Extend function.

Improved Revcloud Options

Revision Clouds (Revclouds) are now their own objects rather than polylines, and will auto-size with your drawings. This feature now includes specific properties such as arc length, allowing you to set your arc lengths on the fly.

Improvements to Revcloud
Improvements to Rev Cloud

Even more ribbon customization

We’ve included the new AutoCAD icons in our regular ribbon redesign. The native AutoCAD LayIso and LayFrz tools have been replaced by the more powerful Land F/X tools SuperLayIso and SuperLayFreeze, respectively. We expanded the Quick Access Toolbar with more useful tools by default. And as a special bonus, the F/X CAD 2021 install will automatically update your Land F/X ribbons to the latest 2021 versions.

What can it do?


  • Open/Save any version of DWG, DXF, DGN
  • Geolocate plans for export
  • Insert raster images
  • Import/Export PDF
  • Auto-complete Command Line
  • View proxy objects (Civil 3D, Architectural, Mechanical)
  • Run any AutoCAD command designers use regularly
  • Use Sheet Set Manager
  • Access 3D Connection for SketchUp, Rhino, and Revit
  • Customize interface and shortcuts
  • Get you direct support from us!
  • Install on two machines for the same person


F/X CAD is PC-only software. If you have a Mac, we recommend using Parallels.

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You'll speak with real people. What’s even better? Getting that support from real landscape architects and irrigation designers.

Land F/X support covers:

  • Installation

  • Activation

  • Usage questions

  • Training videos

  • Plotting

  • Crashing

  • Opening & saving files

  • Customization

  • Hot fixes

  • Service Pack

  • Object Enablers

Jeremiah Farmer

CEO / Developer

Amanda Marin

Planting Usage Support

Jake Lott

Irrigation Usage Support

Paul Houchin

Land F/X Usage Support

Mike Bennett

Lead Tech Support

Megan Castro

Admin Tech Support

Brian Hodge

Tech Support

Yara Alsuwailem

Tech Support

Price of F/X CAD Compared with AutoCAD

With F/X CAD, you can choose to skip the latest version. Have complete control over how often you upgrade.

Product & Plan

Upgrade every 3 years

Upgrade every year

3-year plan

Annual subscription
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Get F/X CAD or upgrade to F/X CAD 2021.

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    From 2020: $500

    From 2016–2019: $995

Need a Land F/X license?

Bundle F/X CAD with one of our Land F/X plugins.

F/X CAD is our AutoCAD platform for your Land F/X licenses.

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