F/X CAD 2024
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An Autodesk® CAD engine exclusively for Land F/X users.

Yearly subscription

F/X CAD is an Autodesk® CAD engine created specifically for landscape architects and irrigation designers.

Requires a Land F/X plugin license.

Customized for your profession

We've built F/X CAD to include all the native tools you use every day, and stripped out everything you don't need. The result is a streamlined yet powerful CAD experience.

The perfect companion for Land F/X

F/X CAD is the industry-standard CAD engine developed with the needs of Land F/X users in mind and honed to work seamlessly with our plugins.

Unlimited technical support

Any time you have issues with or questions about the software, reach out and get world-class phone-based support from us.

Training videos and documentation

Access our massive trove of learning content, including videos and written documention, on the effective use of F/X CAD and our plugins.

NEW FEATURES The latest in this year's F/X CAD

Basic AutoLISP Support


Run basic AutoLISP macros using R14 version AutoLISP. Note that F/X CAD cannot support Dialog Boxes (DCL), ActiveX (vlax), ARX or other extensions.

New File and Layout Tab Menus


Enjoy quicker and easier access to these heavily used menus. The File menu is now located just to the left of the Start tab, allowing you to save or close all open files, create a new drawing, and see all opened files in a list with a dot for the currently open file without the need to go to the Start tab. Plus get all the options for managing your layout tabs, including Select All Layouts, in a new convenient spot just left of the Model Tab.

Performance Analyzer


Have a problem drawing that you think is dragging more than it should? This feature gives you a little more insight into potential causes of the slowdown by recording a little bit of time of you working in the drawing and running an automatic troubleshoot and diagnosis.

Get the skinny

2-minute video

Watch this brief video for a quick look at what's new in the latest version of F/X CAD.

Go in-depth: Live on June 9, 2023

1-hour webinar

What's New with F/X CAD 2024

Join us to review F/X CAD 2024, the latest version of our Autodesk OEM platform for use with our Land F/X plugins. For those just discovering F/X CAD, we'll explain what makes it different and why it's an affordable choice for Land F/X offices. For existing users, we'll also cover all the new features exclusive to 2024.

ALL FEATURES What can it do?


  • Open/Save any version of DWG, DXF, DGN

  • Run basic AutoLISP scripts

  • Geolocate plans

  • Insert raster images

  • Use Live Maps

  • Import/Export PDF

  • Auto-complete Command Line

  • View proxy objects (Civil 3D, Architectural, Mechanical)

  • Run any AutoCAD command you use regularly

  • Use Sheet Set Manager

  • Access 3D Connection for SketchUp, Rhino, and Revit

  • Customize interface and shortcuts

  • Get you direct support from us!

  • Install on two machines for the same person. What is the maximum?


  • Run AutoLISP Dialog Boxes (DCL), ActiveX (vlax), ARX or other extensions.

  • Run without a Land F/X License

  • Use AutoCAD's Rendering, Lighting, or 3D commands

  • Use vertical toolsets such as Raster Design, Architectural, or Map 3D toolsets

  • Use Autodesk Traces and Markups

  • Be installed on more than two machines, or have a second installation used by another person. What is allowed?

F/X CAD is PC-only software. If you have a Mac, we recommend using Parallels.

Unlimited Technical Support

Any time you have issues with or questions about the software, reach out and get world-class support from us. You can submit a tech support ticket, email, or call. (Phone hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific.) Bottom line: If you’re having trouble, we’re here to help – it’s that simple.

Call us: +1 805-541-1003

Email us: support@landfx.com

Your support covers: installation, activation, usage questions, training videos, plotting, crashing, opening & saving files, customization, hot fixes, and service pack object enablers.

Robert C. Gause
I just won a bet with my wife. She said you guys wouldn't get back to me [about my technical support issue] until Monday, and I told her you'd get back to me within 5 minutes!
Steve Cook
We've been using Land F/X for over 20 years now and the technical support and professional team of trained staff have helped keep us happy and productive.
Janet Teller
You guys are truly the best tech support team I have ever encountered in any industry!
Aaron Emerson
The technical support that Land F/X provides is second to none. Anytime we have had questions, the support staff has gone above and beyond to resolve and clarify any issues.
Gause and Associates, Inc.
Urban Water Group, Inc.
Mills Design Group

Meet our team

SUBSCRIPTION Pricing model change

F/X CAD is now subscription based.

Pay $775 per year to continue using F/X CAD.

Install F/X CAD 2024 whenever you’re ready, or stick with your current version as long as it’s supported.

PURCHASING Licensing information

Yearly subscription: $775

What you'll need:

Land F/X plugin:

  • Design F/X

  • Planting F/X

  • Irrigation F/X

Windows Computer or Parallels

What does your subscription cover?

  • Upgrade to the newest version of F/X CAD

  • World-class technical support (phone and email)

  • Training resources, live webinars, quick Power Tip videos, PDF Getting Started Guides

  • Re-installation capability

Bundle it with a Land F/X plugin

Each F/X CAD seat requires one of our plugins. Don't have one yet? Get the whole package all at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how it all works? Get the answers you need.

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F/X CAD is an Autodesk® engine designed specifically for Land F/X users.


Have questions? Contact us:

+1 805-541-1003


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