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Trainer  > F/X Admin > Level 3 > 20 - Restore Project

Our Restore Project feature allows you to access the data from a Land F/X project you’ve backed up.  This is also the way you will be able to load and assign the Land F/X project data to a dwg, if you are sharing work with another Land F/X user.


Open the drawing you want to associate with the project you’re about to restore.


Our Restore Project feature is available from the Land F/X Projects dialog box. Click the Projects button on the F/X Admin ribbon.


Click Restore to begin restoring a project.


Select the project you want to restore, and click Open.


Enter a unique number for the project, and click OK.


The project will now be available in your list of projects.


To associate the project with your drawing, click Open.


The Project Manager will open. Click OK.


All plants that have been placed in the drawing using this project will have their data restored.