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To begin drawing lateral pipe, open the Laterals menu from the F/X Irrigation ribbon and select Draw Lateral.


Click a head or another piece of equipment to begin drawing your lateral pipe.


A yellow highlight indicates that you've piped to that piece of equipment. 


Drag the cursor in the direction where you want to draw the lateral pipe.


As you’re piping, you’ll notice a few different tool options in the Command line. For example, you can press H for Head Autosnap, which will allow you to drag the cursor over each head you want to pipe to, and the pipe will automatically connect itself to that head.


Right-click to stop drawing the lateral pipe.


Continue to draw lateral pipe to the heads and other equipment as needed.


Again typing H for Head Autosnap while piping will automatically snap your pipe to heads as you pass over them, allowing you to draw your pipe more quickly. 


If you’re trying to follow an angle that is different from the standard zero or 90 degrees, type S to snap the cursor crosshairs to an angle in your drawing while piping.


If you need to pipe to a point in space – for example, to create a corner – simply click the point where you want to place the corner or change the direction of your pipe. The magenta highlight indicates that you’ve piped to that point in space.


You can also connect the pipe to an existing pipe. With the Draw Lateral tool active, just click the point in a pipe from which you want to draw more pipe. The cyan highlight indicates that you’ve connected two pipes together.


If you hover over an existing fitting, you’ll get a green highlight, which indicates that you are going to pipe to that fitting. You can continue piping to the next head.