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Open the Plant Manager by navigating to the F/X Planting ribbon, and selecting the Planting option. If you don’t see the Planting button, click on the Planting flyout to select it.


The Land F/X Projects dialog box will open if you don’t currently have a Land F/X project open. If you haven’t learned how to create and manage projects yet, please watch our Admin Level 1 series of trainer videos first.


You can find a link to them in the description of this video. Planting plans require that a project and a Land F/X scale are set. You can open an existing project, or click New to start a new one.


Once you’ve made sure a project is set, open the Plant Manager again. This time it will open.


The name of the currently open Land F/X project appears at the top of the Plant Manager.


Plants in the Plant Manager are organized into four plant categories: Trees, Shrubs, Shrub Areas, and Groundcovers. Each category is different in how the plant displays on your plan, and the information that you can assign to the plant. Trees and shrubs use different block symbols, while shrub areas use hatches with linetypes, and groundcovers use hatches with a non-plot outline.


When you add a plant to your palette, you’ll add it to the appropriate plant category. The plants in each category will be listed separately. Select a category to see a list of all the plants you’ve added to it.


Because we haven’t added any plants to our project yet, all four of these lists are currently blank.


Click the Dock button to dock the Plant Manager to the side of your CAD interface. Docking the Plant Manager allows you to view your plant palette as you place plants in your drawing and makes drafting a little faster. The palette will automatically dock to the left side, but you can move it to the right side or float it on another monitor if you like.


Click Undock to restore the normal view of the Plant Manager.