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Trainer  > Planting > Level 2 > 32 - Copy Plant

In the Plant Manager you can make a copy of a plant that you have already added to the current project.


Highlight the plant you want to make a copy of and click on the Copy button.


Here, you can choose whether to use the same plant code or create a new one for the copy. In this example, we will use the same code.


This will open up the Plant Info dialogue box where you can change the attributes of the copied plant.


Here you can adjust the user-defined fields such as symbol width, plant sizes, and cost. However, with the “same code” option, you can’t change the code or symbol, since changing those will also change it in the original plant.


Click OK to set these new properties. The plant will add to the list, but won’t show a code since it’s sharing the code of its parent plant.


Now when we place these new copies, you can see that they place with the adjusted symbol width.


Let’s do this again. This time we’ll select New Code.


Highlight the plant to be copied and click on the copy button.


Now select the new code option. Just like before, the plant info dialogue box will open and you can change the information that you need to for the copy. This time, though, you can see that the plant code has the number 2 added to it.


With new code, you can refine that changed code, and you can also change the plant’s symbol. We will pick something similar to the original but a little less busy since it will be smaller on the plan.


Click OK and notice that a new code has been set for the copied plant. Now start placing the copies to see that the symbols have in fact changed based on your adjustments.