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Drawing & Sheet Setup

Welcome to our Drawing & Sheet Setup documentation section. Proper setup of your drawing requires much more than simply opening a CAD file and starting to design. We've outlined the entire process, providing step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your CADs file correctly.

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This page provides a guide to the essential steps of setting up your drawing, creating a Land F/X project, and preparing your layout sheets.

Did you know that Land F/X offers a number of tools specifically engineered to streamline the drawing and sheet setup process? Learn more >

Step 1: Set Up Your Drawing



 Open the Correct Drawing Template


Prepare & Clean Your External References (Xrefs)

Need to attach one or more Xrefs? Don't forget to clean each Xref individually before attaching it to your drawing.



Did you receive drawings from a client or other consultants that you plan to attach to your drawing? If so, you'll need to:

Protect yourself from lost work and drawing corruption. Keep each necessary sheet drawing in a separate file, and clean all your Xrefs. Keep your files safe in the future by following our steps for preventing drawing corruption.




Step 2: Set Up Your Land F/X Project & Begin Your Design


Start a Land F/X Project

Starting a Land F/X project is your first step in creating any design using Land F/X. You'll need to start a new project for each and every design you do. Don't use the same project on more than one design. If you want to be able to use the plants, RefNotes, and details you've already set up in a previous project, learn how to use project templates.


 Set Your Units & Plot Scale


 Bring in Any Layer States

A layer state is a saved set of layer properties. If you have one, bring it into your drawing before you begin designing.



Create your plans for:

Remember to keep each sheet drawing in a separate file. You can then Xref these sheets into the main drawing. Don't forget to clean each of your drawing files, as well as each attached Xref, each time you get it back from someone else.


Step 3: Prepare Your Sheets


Set up your drawing for plotting by preparing each sheet you'll need.


Bring in Any Necessary Templates:


Set Up Your Viewports & Add Final Touches


Set Up Your Layout Sheets

  • Assign each of your drawing sheets to a Layout drawing. For example, assign a separate Layout sheet to each of the following:
    • Planting plan
    • Site & hardscape design
    • Irrigation system design
    • Architectural drawing
  • Manage and organize your layout sheets using our Sheet Index.

Try typing a few keywords related to the information you're seeking. For example, if you're having trouble getting your shrub spacing, just type "shrub spacing" or "plant spacing."


  • Land F/X

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