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Welcome to our Irrigation documentation page. We recognize the complexities and challenges inherent to irrigation system design. Our irrigation tools streamline and simplify the entire process by automating the most time-consuming tasks and calculations. 


We've broken down irrigation design into several steps. Each of the steps outlined on this page includes links to documentation on the irrigation tools required to complete that step.


Customize Irrigation to Your Standards

Communicate the intent of your irrigation design clearly while maintaining your office's unique standard for equipment symbols, pipes, and callouts.

View our Customize: Irrigation documentation section >




Set Up a Project

Before laying out your irrigation system, you'll need to complete a few pre-design tasks.

View our Working With Land F/X Projects documentation section >





Create an Initial Site Analysis Using Schematic Irrigation

We recommend using our Schematic Irrigation tool to form an initial analysis of the required pressure and flow rates of your planned irrigation design.

View our Schematic Irrigation documentation section >





Add Equipment to Your Project

The next step is to specify which types of equipment you'll use when laying out your system using our Irrigation Manager. During this step, you'll gain access to equipment and data from specific manufacturers when adding the following types of equipment to your Irrigation F/X project.


Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads include spray, rotor, and rotary (aka rotator or rotating) heads.

View our Heads (Sprinklers) & Emitters documentation section >







Valves & Auxiliary Equipment

  • Valves include remote control valves and shut-off, or isolation, valves. 
  • Auxiliary equipment includes backflow devices and controllers.





Drip Equipment 

Drip equipment includes single emitters, dripline, and areas for emitters and dripline represented by hatches.

View our Drip Irrigation documentation section >





Determine Your Water Source and Set Your Pipe Class and Other Pipe Data

Specify your system design's water source and piping options using the following Irrigation F/X tools:

  • Source Data to configure your water source and place it in your drawing
  • Pipe Data to determine the types of pipe you will use in your project, as well as set any design requirements for pipe size calculation




Place Heads, Valves & Other Equipment

Place equipment in your design from our Irrigation Manager.






Zoning and Uniformity

With your heads placed, you can now get an accurate flow total for the project and make a more realistic source determination. You'll group your heads into zones to represent which parts of your system each valve will operate. You'll also test the sprinkler head coverage throughout your system design using our Uniformity tool. During this step, you'll:




Lateral Piping and Sizing

Now it's time to lay out and size your lateral pipe. When it comes to piping and pipe sizing, Irrigation F/X is like a virtual assistant, providing instant calculations and error checking.

View our Piping documentation section > 




Mainline Piping and Sizing

Our software makes mainline piping just as easy as the lateral stage, providing crucial calculations and verifications. 

View our Piping documentation section > 





Editing, Error Checking & Revisions

Once you've laid out and piped your system, our error checking and revision tools help you find and correct any problems with flow, pressure, and overall layout. You can also locate and switch out equipment. 

View our Editing, Error Checking & Revisions documentation section >




Schedules and Reports

Finally, generate the variety of irrigation schedules and reports available from Irrigation F/X. Note that our schedules and reports are fully customizable.

View our Irrigation Schedules & Reports documentation section >





Irrigation System Techniques

Different types of irrigation systems require different techniques. Our irrigation tools are applicable to a variety of system types.

View our Irrigation System Techniques documentation section >






Irrigation Theory & Terminology

Irrigation theory centers on hydraulics – specifically, the way water moves through pipes in order to irrigate plants.

View our Irrigation Theory & Terminology documentation section >




  • Every irrigation system requires a water source. See our Water Source Information documentation section for details on water sources and system requirements.
  • Learn more about the science behind irrigation in our Irrigation Concepts documentation section.



Equipment Definitions

The amount of available irrigation equipment can seem overwhelming at times. Get informed.

View our Equipment Definitions documentation section >



  • Land F/X

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