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Customization Overview

Welcome to our Customization Overview documentation page. As you proceed with configuring and customizing your installation, we ask you to appreciate one simple piece of advice we’ve learned from doing what we do for more than a decade: Please consider what a standard is – as well as why it exists – and use this opportunity to update and improve upon your standards. Many offices make the mistake of not realizing that some of their standards are in place not because they are ideal, but because they were the only way the designers could get drawings done at the time. Rather than insisting that our software simply enforce your current standards, please consider using it to put into place the standards you've always wanted.


Your installation of our software is fully customizable. This page provides a brief overview of each of the following customization options:   


Configure Your Preferences 

We've centralized many of our software's customization capabilities into our Preferences feature. Our six Preferences screens offer customization across the board:

View our Land F/X Preferences documentation section >




Customize General Office Standards (F/X Admin)

In this section, we show you how to configure all the settings that affect your design work as a whole. In fact, all of our software modules (Site & Hardscape, Planting, Irrigation, and Details) are closely interrelated with your general office standards. For example, customizing your text styles will affect the appearance of all callouts you place – from plant labels to site, irrigation, and detail callouts. 

View our Customize: General Office Standards documentation section >


  • General Preferences: Customize your text, numbers, layers, and dimension styles (DimStyles). Manage your licenses and update options.
  • Configure your Text Styles (Fonts).
  • Manage your CAD layers:
    • Edit our default line colors to match your office standards.
    • Change the layer colors in a single drawing as needed.
    • Save an entire set of layer properties by creating one or more Layer States
  • When you place objects such as plants, site amenities, irrigation symbols, or callouts, they enter your drawing as AutoCAD blocks. Learn how to:
    • Customize and organize the blocks from our default block libraries.
    • Create your own blocks, edit ours, and save your changes into our software using our Save Block tool.
  • Hatches can identify a number of surfaces in your drawings, such as turf, shrub areas, hardscape, and irrigation drip areas. Familiarize yourself with:
  • We offer a number of colorization tools to add vibrance to your presentations. Learn how to:
  • All of our tools are available as Keyboard Commands, which you can customize to your preferences.
  • Ready to plot? We make it easy to customize your plotting styles to get exactly the look your want for your presentations and constructions documents.


Customize Site & Hardscape

Site and hardscape design encompasses site planning, zoning, amenities, mulches, paving items, and much more.

View our Customize: Site & Hardscape documentation section >


With our help, you can: 



Customize Planting

Our software is, at its core, a landscape architecture tool, and our Planting module is filled with customization capabilities.

View our Customize: Planting documentation section >


Customize your Planting settings by:  


Customize Irrigation

Communicate the intent of your irrigation design clearly while maintaining your office's unique standard for equipment symbols, pipes, and callouts.

View our Customize: Irrigation documentation section >





Customize Details

Your details play a significant role in your designs as you continue to use them over time. Make them your own.

View our Customize: Details documentation section >





Save Your Standards Into Our Software

Once you've gone through our numerous customization options, don't forget to save them and back them up: 

View our documentation section on Saving Your Standards into our system >






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