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Welcome to our Planting documentation section. Here, you'll learn all about how to create a planting design using Planting F/X, from building your palette to placing and labeling plants, checking for errors, calculating plant quantities and placing schedules, turning your plan into a presentation, and customizing everything to do with planting.


We've broken down planting design into easily digestible categories, which we've outlined on this page. Each of the planting steps below includes links to documentation on the tools required for completing that step.


Customize Planting to Your Standards

Get started using Planting F/X to enforce and even evolve your CAD standards.

View our Customize Planting documentation section >




Set Your Preferences


Customize Your Plants and Labels


Set Up a Project

It's important to set up a new project for each new job you start. Get organized from the start!

View our Working with Land F/X Projects documentation section >





Add (Specify) Plants

Choose from more than 24,000 plants. Add plants you your Land F/X project, and assign data to your plant symbol blocks.




Concept Landscape Design

If you want, you can sketch out your planting design before you even build your palette. Our Concept Planting tool allows you to place plants as conceptual "design groups" of trees, shrubs, and groundcpvers. You can then transform your Concept Plants into actual plant varieties later. You can also use this tool to place seed, sod, and plant mixes.

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Place Plants

Place your plants in seconds with our easy-to-use plant placement tools. 

View our Adding & Placing Plants documentation section >

View our Plant Placement Tools documentation section >



Placing Plants: The Basics


Specialized Plant Placement Tools

  • Planting F/X offers a variety of extremely useful and time-saving plant placement tools:
    • Use the Match Properties tool to pull the data associated with one plant and apply it to other plants in your drawing.
    • Copy plants along a path – choose a polyline, line, or arc.
    • "Snap" plants to a specific crosshair angle in your drawing using our Xhair Angle tool (formerly known as Snap Angle).
    • Arrange plants in a triangular or square array using our Array tools.
    • Assign the data from one plant in your drawing to another using our Match Plant tool.
    • Exclude shrubs from a groundcover or Shrub Area using our Exclude Shrubs tool.
    • "Paint" multiple plants into your drawing using our Paint Mode tool.
    • Achieve rapid-fire plant placement with our Plant Shotgun tool. 


Label Plants

Label your plants with completely customizable callout styles. Match your office standards for font and label styles.  

View our Labeling Plants documentation section >





Edit & Revise

With our editing tools, revisions are quick, easy, and intuitive. Be right 100% of the time! 



Plant Schedules

Create a schedule in three clicks! Our Plant Schedule tool offers a wide assortment of customization options.

View our Plant Schedules documentation section >




  • Create and configure a Plant Schedule.
  • Place your Plant Schedule in your drawing or a spreadsheet.
  • Use our Work Areas tool to:
    • Limit your Plant Schedule to one area of your plan, or
    • Place multiple schedules showing different areas or phases.



Presentation Tools

Need to present your design to a client? Dress up your planting plan using our powerful graphic and presentation tools.



Bring Your Design into SketchUp

Translate your 2D CAD designs into 3D SketchUp!

  • Install our Land F/X SketchUp plugin (included with your Planting F/X installation) to:
  • Set up your SketchUp Library folder to store any data you need to transfer between Planting F/X and SketchUp 
  • Use our SketchUp Connection tool (also included with your installation) to bring your design from CAD to SketchUp and back again. Data stays attached to all your plants.


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