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The SketchUp Library Folder

Any components and materials from our database that appear in your SketchUp models will be stored in a library folder. Our SketchUp plugin requires you to designate a location for this folder. You can set an existing folder on your hard drive, or on your firm’s network, as your library folder. You may also create a new folder for this purpose.


You were required to set this library location when you installed the Land F/X SketchUp plugin. To change the location of your SketchUp library, follow the steps below.

Setting Your SketchUp Library Folder

Open the SketchUp Land F/X settings from one of the following locations:

Land F/X Menu, Settings option




Land F/X SketchUp toolbar, Settings button




The Land F/X Settings dialog box will open. The folder path of your SketchUp library is listed in the Library Location field. Click Browse to set your library folder.


Navigate to your library folder, then click Save. The folder path you chose should now appear in the Library Location field. 

Last modified on Monday, 05 March 2018 12:26