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SketchUp: Place Tree Tool

Use the Land F/X Place Tree SketchUp tool to specify and place trees from the Land F/X online plant library into your SketchUp model.

Place Tree Tool Overview

=Before you can add or place trees in your SketchUp design, you'll need to open a new or existing Land F/X project. You can create a new project in SketchUp, or open an existing project, using the Projects Tool.


Open the Place Tree tool:




LandFX toolbar, Place Tree button


Land-FX menu, Place Tree option




The Land F/X Place Trees dialog box will open.

This dialog box will be blank if you haven't added any trees to the current project.

Adding New Trees to Your Project

To add a new tree to your project, click New.




The Land F/X Add Plants dialog box will open.




Scroll to the Genus of the tree you want to add. Click the genus to select it.



Once you select your genus, a list of possible species will appear in the Species column. Scroll to and select your desired tree species and variety in the respective columns.



Once you select your genus, species, and variety, click Add to Project.




The tree you selected will now appear in the Land F/X Place Trees dialog box.

Trees will appear in alphabetical order, rather than in the order in which you selected them.




Repeat these steps to add additional trees to your project.

Before you can place a tree in your design, you'll need to assign it with a symbol using our Plant Info tool.

Placing Trees

In the Land F/X Place Trees dialog box, click the thumbnail symbol of the tree you want to place in your SketchUp design.



In our example, we'll place the tree Acacia abyssinica, which we've already added to our project.




The symbol will appear in the location of your cursor. Click to place the tree.




Keep clicking to continue placing additional trees.

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