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Install Single-User Land F/X for Existing AutoCAD

Step 1: Prerequisites

To complete this installation, you will need:

Your Land F/X Support ID*.

*You or your office will have received your Support ID in an email from Land F/X.

The location where you will be storing your LandFX folder.

This folder will contain all data associated with your Land F/X installation and projects. In most cases, we recommend keeping our default location for your LandFX folder – directly on your C: drive (C:/LandFX).

A single office or home computer that already has a compatible CAD engine and DOES NOT already have Land F/X on a server.

Land F/X is compatible with AutoCAD, F/X CAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, or AutoCAD Architecture, version 2013 or newer.

Land F/X is not compatible with AutoCAD LT.


If you are unsure of any of these items, please contact your IT administrator.




Step 2: Download the Land F/X Installer

Right-click the Land F/X Installer download link below.

Select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the menu that appears, and save the file to your desktop.
The installer is quite a large piece of software. Please allow 5 to 10 minutes for the download to complete.




Step 3: Install Land F/X Server

Go to your desktop, and open the file complete_setup.

The InstallShield Wizard will open. You can now begin the steps to install the Land F/X Server.

Welcome Screen: Click Next.
License Agreement: Scroll down and select Accept if you agree. Click Next.
Installation Type: Select Server and Workstation. Click Next.
Support ID: Enter your Support ID.
You can find your Support ID in the Purchase or Trial Approval email you received from Land F/X.


"The Wizard Was Interrupted"? Solution >

Product Activated: Click OK.

Destination Folder: 

In this step, you will set a folder path where your Land F/X data and projects will be stored.

Will your LandFX folder be stored on your computer?

If so, we recommend keeping the default location of C:\LandFX – the C: drive on your computer. Simply click Next.

Otherwise, select the location for your desired LandFX location by clicking Change.


Installing on a server?

Use our Server and Network Guide instead >

Database Installation: Select Cloud Data or Local Data. Then click Next.


In most cases, you'll select the Local Data option. For a breakdown of these two database installation types, including pros and cons of each, please see our Cloud vs. Local Data page.


Not sure which option to select? Ask your network administrator.


"The Wizard Was Interrupted"? Solution >

Ready to Install the Program: Click Install.
Please allow several minutes for the server installation to complete.
InstallShield Wizard Completed: Click Finish.
Note: It may appear that the installation is starting over, but it isn't. You have completed the installation for the Server component of Land F/X. You will now be completing a second series of steps, which will install the Workstation component of Land F/X.



Step 4: Install Land F/X Workstation

Welcome Screen: Click Next.
License Agreement: Scroll down and select Accept if you agree. Click Next.

F/X Server Network Location:
In this step, you will set the Land F/X server location you selected in Step 3 above.

Option 1: Are You Keeping the Default Location of C:\LandFX?
If so, click Next.
Option 2: Is Your LandFX Folder Stored on an Office Server?
If so, click Locate, then navigate to your LandFX folder on your office server. Click Next.

Don't know the location of your LandFX folder? Click the Can't locate your LandFX folder? button.

Don't see the letter drive where Land F/X is located? Solution >
Ready to Install the Program: Click Install.
Please allow a few minutes for the installation to complete.
InstallShield Wizard Completed: Click Finish.


Issue: Error message: This Product is not registered. Please reactivate it by typing REACTIVATE.

Solution: Reactivate your Land F/X installation, then restart CAD.

• Issue: Don't see Land F/X anywhere? Is there no Launch Land F-X shortcut on your desktop?

Solution: Navigate to the C:/LandFX folder (or the location where your LandFX folder is stored) and run (double-click) the setup64/setup.exe file.

Issue: Don't see your Land F/X menus when you open CAD?

Solution: Load the Land F/X menus manually >


Last modified on Wednesday, April 12 2017


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