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May 11, 2018

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Load the Land F/X Menus

If you have Land F/X installed but you can't see your Land F/X menus, ribbons or toolbars, you'll need to load your menus.


Step 1: Uninstall the F/X Workstation installer. Then download the latest Workstation installer and run it from your LandFX folder


1A. Follow our steps to uninstall the F/X Workstation component from your computer.

Do not uninstall the F/X Server component or other files or applications.


1B. Download the latest Land F/X Workstation installer, linked below.


1C. Locate the downloaded file – it will be named setup64.exe – and drag it into your LandFX folder, replacing the existing file.

If you have a single-user installation, your LandFX folder will be on your computer's C: drive. If you have an office server, it will be on that server. If you're not sure where your LandFX folder is, ask your IT administrator.

1D. Open your LandFX folder.



Double-click (run) the file setup64.exe from within your LandFX folder.

Want more detailed information on downloading and running the latest installer?

Follow the instructions linked here



Still don't see your menus?

You can easily load your Land F/X menus manually.

Step 2: Load your Land F/X menus manually


If you ran the setup64.exe file from your LandFX folder and still don't see your Land F/X menus, you'll need to load them manually. Want to see these steps in action? Watch this short video.


2A. MENULOAD command

Type MENULOAD in the AutoCAD Command line and press Enter.


Important: Make sure you type MENULOAD – not just MENU!

2B. Load/Unload Customizations

Look for a LANDFX entry in the list of Loaded Customization Groups.




If you don't see LANDFX in this list, click Browse and move on to the next step.

Do you see an entry for LANDFX in this list?

If you DO see LANDFX in this list, you'll need to unload your menus.




You can then proceed to the next step: 2C. Select Customization File & _menus_ folder.


Unable to unload customization file: ... That Customization Group name already exists.


Unload the Land F/X menus. Once your menus are unloaded, you can proceed to the next step: 2C. Select Customization File & _menus_ folder.

2C. Select Customization File & _menus_ folder

Use the Look In menu to navigate to the following folder:



C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_

Issue: Don't see the LandFX and/or _menus_ folders?

Solution: Download and run the latest installer (Step 1 on this page).


It is absolutely crucial that you open the following folder:

C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_


DO NOT go to either of the following folders:

• C:\LandFX\_menus_

• The LandFX folder on your server


Within the _menus_ folder, open the subfolder that matches your version of AutoCAD or F/X CAD.


For example, if you have AutoCAD or F/X CAD 2017, open the 2017 folder.

Don't see a folder for your AutoCAD or F/X CAD version year?

Solution: Download the latest Land F/X menus.

If your version of AutoCAD is older than 2014 (such as AutoCAD 2013), open the 2014 folder.

***Remember: It is absolutely imperative that you load the menus from within the location C:\Program Files\LandFX\_menus_. DO NOT attempt to load the menus from the folder C:\LandFX***

2D. Open the LandFX menu file

Select the file landfx (or landfx.cuix).



Then click Open

Don't see a landfx.cuix file inside your CAD version folder?

Solution: Download the latest Land F/X menus.

2E. Load the menu file 

Back in the Load/Unload Customizations dialog box, click Load.

You should now see LANDFX in the Loaded Customization Groups list.

Menus not loading? Solution >

2F. Close the Select Customization Group dialog box

Click Close.





Your Land F/X menus should be loaded, and your tools should be accessible.



If your ribbons don't look right or appear to be missing (as in one of the images below), double-click any open ribbon tab. Keep double-clicking that tab until you see the correct view of the ribbons.


Menus not loading? Solution >

2G. Save your workspace settings

This step will ensure that your menus remain loaded.

Type WSSAVE in the Command line, and press Enter.



The Save Workspace dialog box will open. Select your workspace from the menu. (In most cases, your workspace will be named Drafting & Annotation, which is the default workspace.)



Click Save.

Issues & errors

Error: F/X CAD cannot function without Land F/X installed properly

Did you receive this error message, and/or do you have Acrobat DC installed on your computer? Solution >

Other issues/errors

Issue: You still don't see your Land F/X menus.

Solution: Make absolute sure that you've downloaded the latest Workstation installer (setup64) and run it from your LandFX folder (Step 1 on this page).


Issue: You don't see a landfx.cuix file inside your CAD version folder, or you don't see a folder for your AutoCAD or F/X CAD version year.

Solution: Download the latest Land F/X menus.


Issue: You ran the latest Workstation installer (setup64) from your LandFX folder and still can't see your menus.


1. Add the Support Paths manually.

2. Load your Land F/X menus.


Issue: You have to load your menus each time you open CAD.

Solution: Try these steps to keep the Land F/X menus loaded.


You received one of the following error messages.


Last modified on Mar 08, 2018


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