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Power Tip: Highlight Plant

Monday, January 13 2014
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This week’s Power Tip covers an original Land F/X feature that dates all the way back to 2004 in version 1.0!!!   Thanks to the suggestions of our Land F/X users, Highlight Plant has evolved over the years to become a powerful feature to save you time on any sized planting design.  We’d like to show you how it works!

The initial release of this feature allows you to see where you have previously placed a plant species within your design.

1.  Click the Highlight Plant button, then

2.  Select either the plant or the plant callout to view the design with that plant highlighted.  Once selected, you will see that the selected plant is outlined in yellow.   This is quite useful when analyzing your plant masses or planning the layout of your callouts. 

Many years after the initial release, Verdaus Landscape Architects in Dubai shared that they wanted to isolate each plant species.  We responded by adding the S option.

3.  After highlighting a plant species, Type S.  You will see that they are now selected, and can be changed to a different layer, copied, deleted, moved, or W-Blocked.  

3a.  The A option, Highlight Additional, was added after Land F/X user Robert Kuroda at WDI, requested a need to highlight all trees of a certain Size.  

Using the various options in combination really shows off Land F/X.  For example, let’s say you would like to move all the Shrubs to a different DWG? 

1.  Click Highlight Plant from the toolbar,

2.  Select any shrub or tree symbol,

3.  Type A, then select the 'Shrubs' variable.  

4.  The command line options are still active.  Type S, then select the Wblock or Cut command you wish to perform. 


Do you have an idea for a new feature?  Let us know what you need and help a good feature turn into a great feature that is tailored just for you!  

This is another power tip brought you by your friends at the Land F/X Labs.  We’re here to make your workflow more efficient, so you can spend less time documenting and more time... designing.


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