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Remote Assistance

Before calling or submitting a support ticket, save your precious time by using the following resources:

 Are you getting an error message?

Please enter the error message in part or in full below. In many cases, errors can be resolved quickly using our extensive collection of Knowledge Base articles.

 Can the issue be duplicated in a blank drawing?

We find that a full 25% of our tickets are directly related to drawing corruption. This is a recurring issue that can be addressed quickly on your end.

If you are unable to duplicate your issue in a blank drawing, please clean your drawing and any Xrefs first. Chances are the issue will be gone!

 Is it a common issue?

Your issue is very likely a well-known one with a documented solution:

Don't see it? Look in our Knowledge Base or search below:

 Submit a Ticket

When all else fails, please call or submit a technical support ticket. To ensure a timely response, please provide a detailed explanation of your issue, including the exact text of any error messages.

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For instance, if you're having problems with your plant labels being scaled weird, search for "Plant label scale".


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