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"The website and the webinars have been very useful. Keep up the good work."

Ashish Patel

Sites Southwest

"Every time I think, 'Oh, I want to do that or I don’t know how to do that,' I go to the website and you already have a webinar on it."

Lance Cheely

"You have the best customer service and support anyone has ever given me, and I am thrilled that you were able to help me."

Jen Marvin

Marquis Latimer + Halback, Inc.

"I am seriously blown away by the amount of resources available on your website."

Joseph Garel

True Scape Design

"I have to tell that the cloud option is much easier to install comparing to local data. Great improvement."

Katja Sosic



"Just wanted to say what a great suite of training materials are available to support Land FX users – from intro training videos to the PDF documents (which correspond to the videos), plus the more in-depth webinars, they've got it all covered. The customer service is by far the best I've seen in years – real people with real knowledge and skills to help solve your problems. Like most people considering this software, I was probably a bit hesitant to change from using a regular AutoCAD and SketchUp scenario, but I'm so happy I took the plunge and moved across to F/X CAD. A little bit of a learning curve to get started but worth it for the ease of importing your design and plants directly into SketchUp."

Bec Surian

Outside In Design Group

"It's super cool how much I've learned from your webinars. I would encourage newbies to hang in there – the head spinning will go away if they stick with it."

Tamra Lehuta

Sage Design Group, PLLC

"Thanks for all you guys do and for all of your help. Every time I need help I get it! Every time I need you guys, you’re there, you solve the issue and I’m back in bidness! I’m sure you all hear a lot of growling. I hope you hear some gratitude too."

Russ Jacobsen

Jacobsen Irrigation Design

"It's so nice to be able to call and get someone quickly – thank you!"

Elise Hubbard

TBD, Kansas City

"Please let everyone there know that you all do such a wonderful job with updates, tutorials, and especially tech support. Response time is the best I have ever encountered."

Ashton Davis

Rainmaker Inc.

"I’ve used several products before Land F/X and it is by far the best.  The Land F/X team is constantly improving the product, and one gets the sense that it’s not just a piece of software but a “labor of love” for their developers who also have a background in landscape architectural design.  It’s never been easier to put my drawing sets together, and they’ve never looked better!"

Shai Litt

InSite Chashmonaim LTD

"Everything [the Land F/X team does] is so professional and client focused that it's a surprise that more companies aren't like that. You're very lucky to be part of such a great team." 

David Bordner

DB2 Studios LLC

"Last winter, we converted our design department over to Land F/X and F/X CAD (from BricsCAD version 2006) in December.  By the end of February, we hit the ground running for the spring design rush. The online video tutorials, two-minute Quick Tip emails, and easily searchable help forum on Land F/X’s website made it easy for our designers to learn the program’s basics and get my design team trained and comfortable in just a few months. Our designers are not computer gurus, and whenever an issue comes up where we need some technical support, the help team at Land F/X is always a phone call away and can the problem within hours. We’ve nearly doubled our design production this season, thanks in large part to the increased efficiency in producing planting & irrigation plans with the Land F/X and Irrigation F/X software. We now spend about half the time drafting our plans with Land F/X, so we have much more time to put into the actual design of our projects! Converting to Land F/X has been a huge boost to sales volume, quality, and profitability of the design department. Thanks, Land F/X team!"

Dan Bunch

3 C’s Landscaping, Inc.

"I have been using Land F/X for all of my landscape designs for several years, and it has changed my working life! 

"Land F/X saves so much time on the mundane, tedious parts of designing that it frees up time for more creative thinking. The ease and simplicity of plant labeling alone is worth its weight in gold. In addition to the awesome planting part of Land F/X, the other parts of the program I’ve become hooked on are detail tools, the lighting tools, and the ease of its connection to SketchUp. If all that wasn’t enough, the staff at Land F/X are always kindly available to help with technical issues no matter the complexity (or simplicity). Finally, there is an extensive o-line library of videos with quick tips and webinars of in-depth lessons on the many ways Land F/X can be utilized.

"All in all, a fantastic price and an amazing company."

Louise Leff

Louise Leff Landscape Architecture

"I have been in the field of landscape architecture for almost 40 years. It’s difficult to remember that there was a time when all our plans were drawn by hand and that with the advent of the computer that work has become more and more time efficient, accurate, and graphically pleasing. I think the thing I like best about drawing software is that it enables me to spend more time on design (which is what I really love to do) and less time on organizing and preparing plans.


"Which brings me to your software, Land F/X. I remember when I first saw some plans that had been prepared using Land F/X. It was impressive, and the more I found out about what the software could do and the resources that it provided, the more I knew I had to bring it to my practice. Since then, it has lived up to my expectations in every way. It is fast, productive, and cost effective, and it creates the nicest-looking plans that I have seen since I started in this business. It is so productive, in fact, that instead of two designer/draftpersons like I used to have, I can get the same amount of work done with one. Schedules are maintained, deadlines are met, and my clients are happy.


"I have had my own practice for the past 25 years. I am successful and I continue to be. I have had a reputation for doing good work, and I attribute a lot of that success to the talented folks around me, and the innovative, creative tools that make the process of design a joy to be a part of. I consider Land F/X to be one of those tools."

David R. Black

David R. Black & Associates

"We have used Land F/X in our office for years and are very glad we made the switch. Land F/X has been a true cost savings to our company and has saved us immense amounts of time on labor-intensive tasks such as irrigation design and pipe sizing. We love Land F/X, and it is the standard for our office for all our construction document projects. The savings have put more money in our pocket and allowed us to also pass the savings onto our customers, helping us to not only be more competitive but also to maintain repeat customer business because of the competitive advantage that Land F/X has given our company."

Cory Whiting
In-Site Design Group

"Land F/X is applicable to landscape design companies of all scales. It helps an office run more efficiently and increase productivity. It takes the mundane out of the design process. The technical support is professional and friendly at all times."

Xu Zhang
DHA Landscape Architecture

"The Land F/X software is an outstanding program designed by landscape architects for the profession. As a sole proprietor, I’ve found that the software automates many of the work tasks using BIM to automatically track quantities and revisions that would otherwise take hours to complete manually. It allows me to work efficiently and accurately and take on large projects myself that normally would require several staff to complete. It provides a seamless interface with complementary drawing programs such as SketchUp, colorization and detail preparation, and provides a complete system of pre-defined templates for preparing great-looking plans from the concept level through final construction documents. The software can be customized to suit the user’s needs and preferences.


"The staff members at Land F/X offer excellent service and technical support and are very inspirational and dedicated to constantly improving their software. They are entrusted by AutoCAD as an authorized re-seller and their software is very affordable given the time savings, quality and complexity of the final products that can be generated using it."

Kenneth B. Sussman

Land Arts Design Studio, LLC

"The software is so easy to use, and it’s organized in the way landscape designers think. The irrigation software has saved me countless hours of mindless work while leaving the work that requires human intelligence to me. The 3D program is quick and easy with realistic vegetation and landscape structural features. Best of all, we can customize just about anything to fit our needs. Land F/X is opening the doors for us and our clients as we explore adventures and joys of using the software. We get support quickly, simply, and with endless patience. The webinars and tutorial sections are easy to follow. We consider the Land F/X staff as our cyber friends and family who are helping us discover more benefits of the Land F/X and F/X CAD software every day. It is the best value ever. I do not know why anyone wouldn’t give it a try."

Tamra Lehuta

Lehuta Kirsch Landscape Architecture

"Land F/X is a critical tool used daily in our office. The constant updates and customer service that is second to none allow us to focus on productivity and efficiency rather than downtime. We were fortunate enough to start using Land F/X early on and have had nothing but good experiences."

Will Howard

Stack Rock Group, Inc.

"I just won a bet with my wife. She said you guys wouldn't get back to me [about my technical support issue] until Monday, and I told her you'd get back to me within 5 minutes!"

Robert C. Gause

Gause and Associates, Inc.

"Land F/X listens to their clients’ suggestions. Their software is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve. Updates are provided on a regular basis in response to their users’ needs and wishes. Mills Design Group benefits in so many ways from the quality product that Land F/X provides, and it is a pleasure to be able to pass that quality on to our clients through our designs and drawings."

Aaron Emerson

Mills Design Group

"The technical support that Land F/X provides is second to none. Anytime we have had questions, the support staff has gone above and beyond to resolve and clarify any issues."

Aaron Emerson

Mills Design Group

"Land F/X has been a game changer in our office. All of the exceptional features that are included streamline our CAD time on every project, both residential and commercial. Originally, we purchased this product specifically for the planting features but quickly realized that we could benefit from all of the additional features – i.e., Reference Notes, details, and irrigation. We now incorporate every aspect of the Land F/X programs into all of our day-to-day projects."

Aaron Emerson

Mills Design Group

"After testing other products, we continue to choose F/X CAD. It concentrates and streamlines essential landscape and irrigation design tools and eliminates the hassle and cost of other non-essentials for our field. Land F/X allows us to load templates previously created containing either clients or municipalities requirements in to a clean drawing. Land F/X also generates schedules with materials used and updated quantities without having to recalculate distances, areas or count blocks used, just select update schedule and your quantities and materials used are up to date. Our QAQC process runs smoother thanks to its built-in features. Irrigation F/X contains built-in error checking functions that allow you to check that the equipment placed is both connected to the water supply and that the water supply is going to be sufficient to handle the demand with just the click of a button. We especially appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable support team, the extensive tutorials and tips library."

Luis Terrazas

Greenway Studios

"Too often operating a business in a country geographically distant such as New Zealand, you can feel a long way from the action and ability to access the support you need. This is never the case if Land F/X – you always get straight back to our emails and provide excellent webinars without the need to go and hunt them out."

Jaye Nutting

Southern Landmarx

Queenstown Otago, NZ

"The service Land F/X provides is impeccable. Definitely front-of-mind from a software point of view – and that includes all software we use!"

Jaye Nutting

Southern Landmarx

Queenstown Otago, NZ

"Once again, Land F/X comes through in record time helping me with various support issues. Land F/X is the best software company I have ever dealt with by far."

Tim O’Brien

Outlook Land Design

"It's just me in this office doing design, and having your support team is really great help."

Denton Tarver

ViewPoints Exterior And Garden Design

"Land F/X software is the best means we’ve ever had to create, produce, and present our drawings! It makes our lives so much easier … and profitable!"

Brad Hilliker

Wimmer Yamada and Caughey (WYAC)

"I am still a newbie with Land F/X and certainly am not harnessing all of the functions and power of the software, but I am enjoying using the program. I used to loathe doing CAD work, but enjoy doing the work now using Land F/X. The amount of time I am saving doing plans is really the return on the investment of purchasing the software. The tutorials and forums on the website have been of tremendous help, and your support team has been great every time I have called in for assistance."

Matthew Copp

MRC Landscape Architecture

"As always, thanks to the Land F/X team for constant improvements and quick responses to questions and issues. Thanks a lot!"

Rob Anders

Native Habitats, Inc.

"Your software has helped my business a lot in delivering world-class projects."

Christian Castro


"Everyone in the office is really loving your software, and I hear almost daily right now the words, 'Wow I didn't know it could do that!' ... and 'why didn't I know about this sooner?' uttered frequently.”

Tom Hessel

Quadriga Landscape Architecture and Planning, Inc.

"I'm brand new to Land F/X. I recently purchased a brand-new laptop workstation with Windows 10 on it. Everything was running great on the new machine until it came time to load AutoCAD. Due to some complicated update issues with Windows 10 and some other configurations, getting AutoCAD installed on the new machine turned out to be a major ordeal! Alden Wilson pulled out all the stops in several remote assistance sessions, but this error was not an easy fix. He did not give up, however. Each time that he went away without the solution, he came back with new things to try. After MUCH persistence and determination, Alden prevailed and solved the most stubborn tech support problem I've ever seen. I hope I don't have to go through something like that again, but if I do, I hope I have a guy like Alden on board! My hat is off to Alden and the whole Land F/X team! You rock, and you have a loyal customer!"

James Clark

Clark Land Design, PLLC

"As always, thanks for your quick reply! Your consistent quick response time is one of the best things I like about your product and your company!"

Isobel Ritch

Fisher Arnold, Inc.

"The business is going well, and Land F/X is a big part of that. It is such a great program, and it allows for me to be as efficient as possible in creating landscape and irrigation plans for my clients – something especially important to me when I am working on these projects at night or on the weekend. Getting back to family time as quickly as possible is a huge plus that Land F/X allows me to do so well."

Chad D. Weinand

"So glad we got the program. I had an impossible deadline that became possible thanks to Land F/X. Still learning, but I love the Internet access learning and troubleshooting tools that are available 24/7 – again it saved me when working in the middle of the night. I also found your support system to be quick and responsive. Here at Meier, we pride ourselves on customer service. It's nice to work with a company that is similarly minded. Keep up the good work."

Tamra Lehuta

Meier Architecture & Engineering

"Just a quick note to voice my appreciation for Land F/X. It's Saturday night and I've been going over the Power Tips. There were a number of them that I hadn't seen, and I was blown away by how sophisticated the program has become. Thrilled to have the program. Thanks to all for making my work easier."

Henry Cohen

"I can't tell you how much I like this Land F/X program. It's helping my business a ton. Pretty killer."

Kory Jones

Jones Custom Landscapes

"Thanks for the follow-up. I love how Land F/X is always getting better."

Jake Young

Civil Solutions Group

"You guys are simply wonderful. Just knowing someone is there to listen to my CAD nightmares and always willing and able to help, is making a big difference in my life."

Marion Weaver

Environmental Planning & Design

"I finally watched the video on customizing AutoCAD. You guys are amazing and I can now use my new computer in town. I know... you were telling me this all along. You guys are awesome. Thank you for making our daily lives better."

Marion Weaver

Environmental Planning & Design

"We have never been more pleased dealing with a support team as we were with Land F/X. Each and every member was courteous, pleasant, concerned, helpful, and professional until the very end of our computer crisis. (This is rare in today's business world.)

"We needed to change out our old server computer with a newer one so the architect's and office staff could be much faster and be more productive in their jobs.

"The changeover consisted of transferring Land F/X software, years of files, and commutations with other work stations.

"The Land F/X support team made this statement: "We will stay with you until this issue is fixed.” And that is exactly what they did.

"We say 'thank you' to the Land F/X technical support team for the support they provided to our company during this critical process of changeover.

"Wow! Our company didn't miss a beat, and the architects and staff were very impressed.The Land F/X Support Team provided what is most important to their customers, and that is ... loyalty!"

JR Rolen
Gullatte Associates, Inc.

"Just wanted to say THANKS for creating the Power Tip on the Excel macro! I think that this is going to save us tons of time! Please tell everyone that all of us at PEC are very thankful for your great customer service and support."

Jon Howard

Planners & Engineers Collaborative

"This software is awesome! Just did my first color tree plan in an hour. This used to take a day or two. It's wonderful."

Sean Lockyer

Studio AR+D Architects

"I just wanted to tell you all what a great service you provide. Today I was showing my associates how to do plant legends for multiple areas on the same plan. Thanks – it saved us so much time."

James W. Shrope


"I have to say you have done great things with the program this year - generally runs like a dream. Thank you!"

Suzan Quigg

Suzan Quigg Landscape Design

Queensland, Australia

"We are doing well with Land F/X here at GL. It’s been a huge time saver for us, and we are not doing any planting plans that are not drawn in Land F/X at this time. Plant lists, accuracy of quantities, etc. – it’s all been a huge help. I am always telling other L.A.’s who do work for us that they need to look into your software. Thanks again."

Jonathan D. Sonnenberg

GL Homes of Florida

"I am finally getting around to doing my first project in Land F/X and I gotta tell ya, I love it! The way I built plans yesterday already seems archaic. Many thanks."

Mike Flaugh, Landscape Architect

"As a one-man Landscape Architectural firm, efficiency and cost effectiveness are key requirements of any software that I use. With F/X CAD, I have both. It gives me the efficiency that I need to get my work completed without the unnecessary extras that other CAD software include. With the integration of SketchUp, the product does not have the cumbersome 3D aspects of other CAD platforms.

"F/X CAD provides the other key requirement – cost effectiveness. The initial start-up cost was low enough for a smaller firm to recoup that investment in a short amount of time. The costs of the renewals/upgrades are also another reason that I incorporated F/X CAD into my office software. With a reasonable renewal fee each year, it makes it manageable for a sole proprietor to stay up to date with the newest version. This allows me to work closely with the larger architecture and engineering firms seamlessly.

"Also, with F/X CAD you get some of the best customer service in the industry. When I have had issues (usually on my end), F/X CAD has provided quick and effective customer service that got me back to work swiftly. Thanks."

Patrick Roberson

Roberson Resource Group, LLC

"I have been active in the irrigation industry for 28 years. After years of fighting with another design program, I finally purchased Irrigation F/X in 2012. It is, by far, the best purchase I have made in all these years. The program is easy to learn with all the online videos, and the support from the staff at Land F/X has been amazing. I can highly recommend this program to anybody in the irrigation industry."

Rob Hoogeveen
Certified Irrigation Designs

"We have been using Land F/X at our office for a couple of years now, and I cannot imagine going back to a workflow without Land F/X. We immediately saw time savings in the basic planting design and schedule tools. Area takeoffs and schedule generations that used to take hours just before deadlines are now automated and accurate. And that was the easy part. Once we started using the Detail Manager and Reference Notes tools, we not only saw additional time savings, but the overall quality and accuracy of our plans improved. We utilize Land F/X in a multidiscipline office that includes planners and civil engineers. While Land F/X worked great “out of the box,” it was easily customized to our existing office CAD standards.

"The best part of Land F/X is the staff that support it. Any issues we have are quickly resolved. Their customer service is the best I have seen in this industry."

Timothy Starkey

Coe & Van Loo

"FX/CAD is a fabulous tool to take Landscape Architecture output to the next level. F/X functionality seamlessly integrated with AutoCAD made our design world a breeze! The-up-to-date, linked databases eliminate a lot of catalog searching, which saves significant time. F/X CAD extends your possibilities way beyond the standard AutoCAD; it is like AutoCAD on steroids! We totally applaud F/X CAD, a must for every Landscape Architecture/Design studio. Planting trees on computer monitors has never been so much fun!"

Loela Barry

JoLoè Art – Purveyors of Awesome

"I have used F/X CAD now for one year and find it is a superior, very stable drawing system compared with the other CAD system I used, and this was the primary reason I decided to switch to F/X CAD. F/X CAD has all the functionality that I require as a Landscape Architect dovetailing Land F/X, resulting in improved productivity rates for me and improved alteration times for my clients and giving me a much-improved design, layout, presentation and client service. To date, I have only used its basic modes realising that it has considerably greater potential to be explored. I thoroughly recommend F/X CAD together with Land F/X."

Michael Vinsun

Landscape Architect, Cheshire, UK

"We are very pleased with our F/X CAD software. It does everything our design/build office could ask for and more. Complete drafting capabilities, PDF underlays, and standard tools make this CAD program essential. The seamless integration with Land F/X makes planting plans a breeze. Support from Land F/X has always far exceeded my expectations!"

Roger Engle

Christensen Landscape Services

"I have used F/X CAD and Irrigation F/X since November 2013. They are very great products. It takes a learning curve, but once you familiar with the software, it is very easy to work with. I had a problem once with an update and couldn’t access the software, and it was like the end of the world. I can’t live without Land F/X anymore. Land F/X speeds up the design process by about 25%. The ease of scheduling is also a great benefit – it’s very easy and fast to get the results. I recommend it for anyone with basic knowledge in manual irrigation design. Great products, and great support."

Johannes Idris


"F/X CAD is a very powerful low-cost solution for a landscape architectural firm. I have yet to find a command or a LISP program that I am missing from the full AutoCAD program. I am able to open the Civil 3D files from our internal civil design group as well as our outside civil consultants.

"It has a very low initial investment cost vs. a full version of AutoCAD. We are also able to keep up with the latest version with a very low yearly fee. We no longer need to ask for an earlier version that we can open from our consultants.

"What really makes F/X CAD a great investment is their customer service and support. They have gone out of their way to help us a number of times with any issues that we may be having running the program even if it is a hardware or a network issue.

"I highly recommend F/X CAD to any landscape architectural / civil firm. If you combine it with the Land F/X program, it far exceeds any of the other 'landscape architectural' design program in the industry."

Earl J. Swetland

Coe & Van Loo


"Switching over from AutoCAD to F/X CAD was smooth and seamless, with great technical support from the Land F/X team. When asked what the difference is between the two, our draftsman responded, 'What difference?' F/X CAD works just the same as AutoCAD for everything we do! We needed two licenses of CAD but only had one license of Land F/X, so to purchase two seats of F/X CAD we needed to add another Land F/X license. This still ended up being cheaper than getting the full version of AutoCAD. On top of that, we can now have two draftsmen working in Land F/X, which has proven to be helpful in getting out multiple projects under a time crunch."

Daniel Rosen

West Bay Landscape


"I have been using F/X CAD along with full Land F/X and Irrigation F/X for about a year now, and love it! So much so that from the trial, I bought a personal copy for home projects and side design work. As well as convinced my boss to let me purchase a copy for the office by showing him how much time can be saved from hand typing plant labels, group counts, large project plant schedules, color plans in an instant … the list goes on. I continue to be amazed at the amount of heavy calculations this program can do for me in the blink of an eye. It adds so much more to plain AutoCAD, it is unbelievable. Also gone are the days of tedious calcs for irrigation systems design, done with one-click pipe sizing, and complete zone and system error checking helps me visualize everything so quickly and simply! And all the added calcs/reports are awesome ... they make me look like a math genius.

"Anyone in the Landscape/Irrigation Industry that is seeking to produce high-quality, professional CAD drawings with extreme accuracy, and in the least amount of time possible, will eventually find that F/X CAD with Land F/X is THE BEST solution! Thank you, Land F/X!"

Tyler Drew

Landscape and Irrigation Designer


"As a small practice of Landscape Architecture, we are always looking at ways to save money, and were hesitant to upgrade our legacy AutoCAD due to the cost of the upgrades. In 2013, we finally purchased F/X CAD, and now wished we did it sooner. It has sped up our billable hours tremendously, and we get projects accomplished faster.

"F/X CAD is the perfect tool for us; it has all the functions that we used in regular AutoCAD, and removed all the functions we didn’t use. The Nuke tool is awesome – that alone saves us hours cleaning up files received from Architects and Engineers. Thank you, Land F/X!"

Tipton Pitts

The LandArt Design Group, Inc.


"Outfitting a design office with the best and most efficient software has always been a financially draining experience. Since the introduction of F/X CAD, our per-user costs have been cut in half, and support is directly from the great people at Land F/X. We are proud users of F/X CAD and Land F/X."

Chris Thompson

Nature Forms, LLC


"F/X CAD is a great program! It speeds up our planting plans and ensures accuracy! Which frees up a ton of time … and as we all know, time is money!"

Mark Sanford

Red Valley Landscape & Construction


"I have used AutoCAD and Land F/X for many years now – mostly under the auspices of large design firms. When I started my own design/build landscape business, I knew I needed AutoCAD, but was reluctant to purchase it because of the hefty price tag. With perfect timing, Land F/X introduced their own version of AutoCAD to work in tandem with Land F/X, but with a much more affordable sticker price than the version directly through Autodesk.

"Since I purchased F/X CAD, I have not regretted it for one minute! From a practical point of view, it provides all the functions I need, and have always needed, to create full detailed plans for landscape, hardscape, and irrigation. When working in this version of AutoCAD, I see no difference between a full-on copy of CAD purchased directly through Autodesk (for thousands more) and the FX version. I'm about to purchase my second license for AutoCAD & Land F/X, now needed as my company expands, and I couldn't do that without Land F/X!

"In addition, the tech support you receive with this software when purchased through Land F/X is just super, especially when compared with Autodesk (none?) Keep up the great work, guys – you are helping make small businesses like myself grow into the big guys of tomorrow."

Nancy Knapp

Weeds Garden & Interior Design


"I have had no problem interacting with files from architects and engineers who are using full AutocCAD as well as other design programs. I have enjoyed my F/X CAD experience very much without having to buy a full AutoCAD license. F/X CAD has all the features I need!"

Michael S. Small

Jackson & Small Associates – GA



"F/X CAD is the right tool for the job. There are a ton of specifics that F/X CAD offers that will save time and cut costs. The function of F/X CAD versus AutoCAD is seamless. Not to date oneself, but I was educated in the CAD programs using AutoCAD release 13 years ago. When moving to and picking up F/X CAD, the learning curve was virtually nonexistent. It was like talking to an old friend, only the old friend was now cooler and more helpful. I’m always glad that I ran into this old friend again!"

Aaron Baluch

Absolute Architecture



"You have developed a great product. It is exactly what we need to be more efficient in our business. F/X CAD is the best software for applications in landscape architecture. It has proved to be just as fast and reliable, or even better than our existing system at a very big reduction in cost. A combination of reliability, rich functionality and price were the deciding factors to lead us to choose F/X CAD. The same traditional AutoCAD but much better!"

Marcos Peruzzi

Marcos Peruzzi Projetos e Consult. Ltda




"Land F/X actually helps make work FUN! The ease with which I am able to lay out plants and seamlessly change them later if needed, to layout irrigation heads quickly/accurately and size pipe with the touch of a keystroke, plus the dynamic legends keeping track of everything are just small but powerful examples of why I personally think it is one of the best CAD programs ever created. I highly recommend it to any landscape designer, contractor or landscape architect and do so whenever I can.

"Land F/X also offers F/X CAD, a powerful but smaller version of AutoCADD that has all the features I've ever needed. Its extremely competitive price point made it easy to purchase, and it was integral in me setting up my home-based small business. Keep up the good work!"

Michael P. Scheele




"I just wanted to write a quick note letting you know how much time and money F/X CAD has saved (MSP) me. The smooth transition from using Land F/X plug-in with Civil 3D to F/X CAD has been working great. There have been no more fatal errors, no computer lagging or churning slowly. I have not had any issues with opening other drawings, being able to read other drawings or saving them. The only thing that I miss from Civil 3D is the “MAPINSERT” when working with aerials; other than that, I am 100% pleased with the performance. And as always, technical service is top notch when needed. Thank you, Land F/X and F/X CAD!"

Dan Frank

McGill Smith Punshon (MSP)

"I began using Land F/X software during my undergraduate program at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, and have ever since been sold on a great product. When entering the working world, I insisted that my employer purchase F/X CAD because of the wide range of capabilities and ease of use. Thus far I have not been disappointed, and though I learn new things every day about how to use the software more efficiently, it is very intuitive and easy to use from the get go.


"I would highly recommend this product for another great reason: customer service. Between the online webinars and the helpful staff, I can easily figure out any issues that arise from my use of this product. Their customer care is second to none, along with the product they sell and service."
Max Sheehan

Confidence Landscaping, Inc. 

"I have been using F/X CAD for several years now, and I have been very pleased with how well it works. Having the ability to fully customize the software so that I can adjust to each of my clients’ graphic preferences saves me a great deal of time. Also, as a landscape designer I need to spend as little time as possible dealing with technical software issues, so the support Land F/X and their team offers is a great value to me. Whether it is AutoCAD related or has to do with the Land F/X software, they always respond promptly and get me back to work quickly. I would recommend F/X CAD to anyone in the landscape design industry."
Daniel Brannan

DPB Designs

"AAA Landscape continues to utilize F/X CAD suite of products, to include landscape and irrigation, for all of our Landscape Architectural design/production needs. F/X CAD is the platform that has allowed our organization to be the most efficient and competitive in a challenging marketplace.

"In addition to the F/X CAD application products, the level of technical support and training provided by Land F/X has continuously elevated our capabilities."

John P. Jacobson

AAA Landscape

"F/X CAD is the best thing that ever happened to landscape architecture. Since it automates the tasks that are not so fun to do, it allows me to spend more time on creative thoughts rather than counting plants, or doing pressure calculations. Then it enables me to put creative thoughts on paper in the most beautiful way produced with computer-aided drafting. As I say, drawings produced with AutoCAD are crisp and clear and great for construction drawings, but usually they have no ‘soul’ in comparison to a hand-drafted conceptual master plan or a hand colored planting plan. But with F/X CAD’s amazing features to color and shadow a drawing, and even connect it to SketchUp to raise a design into 3D, my words are not true anymore. F/X CAD users can create their own symbols and hatches – and with it, bring an individual touch to any drawing. F/X CAD has enabled art to return into the production of landscape design drawings. Dave and Jeremiah created something incredible, and I don't think I could be still as passionate about landscape architecture without F/X CAD’s aid."

Marion Weaver

Environmental Planning & Design, Inc.

"After using AutoCAD for more more than 15 years, I started using F/X Cad with Land F/X a year ago. There was almost no learning curve in the change. Since switching to Land F/X and F/X Cad, not only have I noticed a huge increase in productivity, my plans are more accurate and detailed. My favorite feature is the planting; this is HUGE! Having the ability to create a plant palette for each project using an accurate and smart database saves tons of time. On top of that, Land F/X generates planting schedules and counts with just a few clicks. What used to take hours and hours, now takes minutes. The best thing about Land F/X is the amount of time saved."

Jesse York

California Smartscape


"It's rare that I can say that a project has changed my life, but Land F/X does it on a daily basis. After working with Land F/X, going back to AutoCAD by itself would be a nightmare. Land F/X seems to have ironed out the kinks of working with such a monster of a program. The specificity of the product and its ease of use make it irreplaceable for my day-to-day workflow. While the program itself is wonderful, the support is even better. I have never been so pleased with a purchase – truly! The Land F/X crew puts up with my nonsense way more than they should have to, and I appreciate it more than I can say. I would (and do) recommend this product to anyone in the field. I love Land F/X! You guys rule!"

Kara M. Mitchell

Studio Concepts

"F/X CAD has been instrumental in developing and producing both our landscape and irrigation plans for our projects. It has become our most essential tool within our company. Due to its simplicity and functionality, this allows us to produce our plans at a faster rate, and we love the ability to customize the interface. Having F/X CAD has been easier to work with than regular AutoCAD LT. It's faster to load and contains the express tools that we need. We have been extremely satisfied with the program; that's why we are buying more licenses. This program is a definite 'must-have' if you work the landscape architecture field. Plus the support you get with the whole staff is amazing. Well done."

J. Brian Euell

Architecture Alliance

"I am much appreciative that you offer F/X CAD as a more economical option to a full version of AutoCAD. It is an essential tool for my business, and I have not noticed any difference between it and the full version."

Thomas McKenna

Bristlecone Design, P.C.

"For our use, F/X CAD is the right fit. It provides all the functionality that we need and cuts out all the items that we don’t. AutoCAD Lite is too lite and the full version of AutoCAD leaves us paying for a host of features we’ll never use as Landscape Architects. Pairing F/X CAD with SketchUp provides us with the 3D capability that we need without having to learn the more cumbersome 3D capabilities of the full version of AutoCAD. I’ve been very satisfied with F/X CAD and would recommend it to other LA’s. Thanks."

Scott Morgan

"After switching to F/X CAD my work life has become much more simplified. I’ve been using the upgrade for a year or so and have seen a huge return on investment. I previously used BricsCAD and then AutoCAD LT with the Land F/X add-on. The add-on worked perfectly, but the setup wasn’t nearly as streamlined as it is with F/X CAD. There were several superfluous redundancies that are now simplified, and it’s identical to using the AutoCAD operating system I’m used to. There are so many time-saving advantages, but the peace of mind that comes with only having one program to operate is very valuable to me. It’s a fantastic system, and I encourage everyone to try it out."

Will Blair

Blair-Hill Landscape Associates

"If you've been waiting to upgrade your old AutoCAD 2009 license, by all means go with F/X CAD! That's what we did, and we've never looked back. Not only does F/X CAD perform flawlessly, you'll also benefit from the great, personal attention afforded by the Land F/X team. It's really a no-brainer. You don't need all the bells and whistles of the full-blown AutoCAD 3D program (you have SketchUp). Go ahead and take the leap; you'll be glad you did – we sure are!"
Brad Smith

Brad Smith Associates Inc.

"I love F/X CAD. The customize menu is specifically designed for Landscape Architects/Designers that help navigate more efficiency through the program. I also like the no hassle in loading my old AutoCad files and receiving current AutoCad files from Architects/Cilvil Engineers that I'm work with. F/X CAD also handles importing the PDF/Goggle Maps with a breeze. This feature is a must in today's project design development process."

Jeffrey Chakirelis
Michael & Sons Landscape Construction

"Like other CAD veterans around me I have logged many hours over the years using full-blown versions of AutoCAD. Even with other 3rd-party landscape software the productivity topped out early lacking the ability to associate data with objects limiting the power and flexibility for true productivity. Given I do limited 3D modeling work, the only thing missed was maybe a couple of LISP routines such as Express Tools that I believe might be supported in Rel. 2015.

"The real genius behind F/X CAD lies in well-thought-out protocol keeping data organized not only in the drawing but from job to job. I can produce a full set of landscape working documents 65% faster using F/X CAD than any other combination of software on the market. Thank you, Land F/X!"


Gary Glandon

Glandon Landscape Architecture


"F/X CAD runs like AutoCAD, but without the bells and whistles I don't use (like 3-D). It quickly imported my menus and other settings, so there was little down time changing from AutoCAD to F/X CAD, and getting my desktop and laptop set up to work away. I cannot wait to start using it with SketchUp."

David Christiani




"F/X CAD has been a great addition to our office. We were going to purchase the standard AutoCAD for two new stations. Then we discussed our options of purchasing the F/X Cad instead and have found it to be nearly as versatile. We still have one full version of AutoCAD in the office which I use with the Land F/X software but the two new stations have the F/X CAD and I have not seen any loss of productivity or function. Plus we obtained the Land F/X software for approximately the same price as the full AutoCAD program licensee."

James P. Benedetti




"Our design/build landscape office switched from AutoCAD LT to F/X CAD about 6 months ago, and it was a great decision. It feels just like using AutoCAD to me – anything that I would use in regular AutoCAD is available in F/X CAD, and all the troubleshooting forums/tutorials for regular AutoCAD are still helpful."

Katherine Jacobs

Lifestyle Landscapes

"When I first heard about F/X CAD, I was thrilled at the prospect. As a small landscape architecture office, the opportunity to have a high-quality, much more affordable version of AutoCAD is truly a game changer. Even my small two-man operation can afford to keep up to date on my drafting software without breaking the bank. It also gives me exactly what I need without having to pay for functions I'll never use. Combined with Land F/X, it allows me to chase bigger work and get it done more efficiently. Having software that lets my office turn out 'big company' work for 'small company' overhead? F/X CAD for the win."

Kristian Wiles

White Pine Land Studio

"I have been using FX CAD in our office for almost 4 years now, and have zero complaints so far. F/X CAD does everything we need it to do and handles files from outside sources without a hiccup.


"I prefer an uncluttered and efficient drafting workspace (modified AutoCAD Classic), and I have all the customization options I need to achieve that. It works just like AutoCAD because it IS AutoCAD.

"Also worth noting is that the support available for both F/X CAD and Land F/X is phenomenal. They truly understand what LA’s do, and what we need our software to do."

Mark Morgan

Stangeland & Associates Inc.


"I am a sole proprietor and would not be able to develop and manage construction drawings by myself without F/X CAD. Office standards for line weights, plant schedules, and labeling are all done in a flash, plus there are so many intuitive functions which take the tediousness of drafting out of the picture. Get in a bind? The LandF/X team quickly helps you out – better than finding an expert in your own office!"

Monique Anderson

Anderson Land Lanning


"I like F/X CAD because it has the functionality that I need at a reasonable price."

Dea Brokesh

LDB Landscape Architecture & Engineering


"We have been using F/X CAD since you came out with it and have experienced absolutely no setback in how we work because it works just like our AutoCAD software we bought directly from Autodesk. The only difference, besides the lack of 3D capability, is that we spent so much less money on the original seats and the upgrades each year are far less than AutoDesk. This was a very good move for us. We have had no issues with sending files to consultants or opening files from other CAD programs and, frankly, there is no reason to 'warn' anyone that they are getting a file made by F/X CAD, because it is no different. Nobody even knows we are using it.

"We have also been using Land F/X for quite a few years and could not be happier with the software. It has streamlined much of our work, enabling us to spend more time on design and less on production. I must also say that your customer support has always been fantastic. Please thank everyone there at Land F/X for all of their support. That includes you, Krystal!"

Tim Smith

Wynn Smith Landscape Architecture Inc.


"I love my F/X CAD. It does everything I need it to do. It is very cost effective, which allows me to upgrade to the most current version each year without breaking the bank."

Mike Clark

Clark Irrigation Design & Consulting

"Green Consulting Group has utilized Land F/X since it was first introduced to Landscape Architects. I have been a Registered Landscape Architect in Florida since October 1982 and have had the opportunity in my career to utilize many advances in technology. Many of the previous attempts to help me do my job were a waste of time, as they promised many things and delivered on few of the promises. I will say that the developers of Land F/X have always delivered. My staff members created a personal relationship with the Land F/X staff and each time we saw a need or asked "Could you the program do _____?" Land F/X has added the function. GCG has completed over 800 plans utilizing Land F/X. Since the introduction of F/X CAD, it is the only CADD product I utilize as it continues to work seamlessly with the many CADD base files I receive from the 15+ Civil Engineers I support with Landscape Architectural services."

Timothy W. Green

"For our purposes, using F/X CAD has been no different than using AutoCAD."

Hans N. Flinch

Hershberger Design

"F/X CAD is a wonderful CAD platform for landscape architects. Who likes paying for things they don’t use? F/X CAD removes the items I don’t use, reducing the price. Pairing F/X CAD with Land F/X software gives me what I need: a CAD platform geared to landscape architects. Land F/X also supports F/X CAD, giving me all my technical support in one place."

Carl N. Berg

Berg Landscape Architects

I have been using F/X CAD 2013 & 2014 and the full Land F/X Suite since November of last year, and this program has been outstanding! I routinely share files back and forth with clients who use AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD 2013LT without any problems. I'm looking forward to installing F/X CAD 2015 when it's released!

Doug Prouty

LA Modo, LLC

“As the principal Landscape Architect of StoneCreek Land Design & Development, I can honestly say that I could not be happier with our decision to purchase F/X CAD. To date, we have yet to encounter a single technical issue that has created complications in our collaborative design process. Our work is diversified, ranging from municipal and public works to single-family residential homesites.”

Joshua Tripp

StoneCreek Land Design & Development

Every Landscape Architect should be using F/X CAD, but don’t tell our competitors. F/X CAD gives us a competitive advantage to the point that it seems unfair. F/X CAD is CAD, only better.


"F/X CAD makes our business more productive and profitable and our projects more precise and efficient. The thought of not using F/X CAD, well, that thought doesn’t exist. We’d sooner go back to lighting our studio with candles than move away from F/X CAD.


"We work with a number of different architects and engineers all over the country, who all use different design platforms, and F/X CAD works seamlessly with all of them. Collaboration and teamwork is central to our firm’s culture, and the firms we partner with. F/X CAD helps us to be a great team member.


"Not only is the software itself fantastic, but the customer service and support we receive from Jeremiah and Forrestt is unmatched. For over 7 years we’ve been with F/X CAD, and everyone in the organization we have interacted with has been extremely helpful and understanding of our requests and issues.


"F/X CAD is an integral part of our business, and we’re happy to have the F/X CAD folks on our team.


Will Howard, Krisjan Hiner, Jesse Buster, and Trevor Ball

Stack Rock Group


"You can’t do landscape architecture effectively without this program. It is invaluable."

Michelle Scranton

LandEscapes LLC

"Thank you so much. Your tech support is by far better than any other I have used. I am getting used to Land F/X and will be self supporting soon. I truly look forward to working with your program further, and am excited about the level of support. The people I have talked to so far have been delightful to work with and very supportive."

Paula Fisher

Fisher Irrigation and Landscape

"As I mentioned I'm a huge fan of Land F/X and sing your praises anytime I can. The customer service beats the pants off of any company with which I have ever dealt!!! I'm presenting a park design to a client next week and will have all my 3D tools available thanks to the timely fashion you were able to fix the bug I was experiencing. As I said, you are top notch. My career has always revolved around customer satisfaction, and I thought I was one of the best at it until I found y'all.

"Thanks again for such a great product, and I look forward to doing more business with Land F/X in the future! Y'all are the best."

Kristian Anderson

Altamaha Design Group

"You are the only support service that I feel I am getting my money for. You guys are excellent."

Bryan Spangle

Hudson and Pacific Alliance

"I don’t know if you would get such a quick response from anyone else. That has been great."

Jeff Kraus

BGB Inc.

“Thanks again to you and your fantastic staff. With this kind of support, you’ll win over all the business. You got my vote."

William B. Curtis

Sprinkler Consultant

"The presentation was great. The students got a lot out of it. I appreciate how flexible [the presenter] was. Thank you for the pizzas too!"

Kathryn Wittner

Professor, West Virginia University

"Dave did a nice job with the irrigation presentation at our school. The students were impressed at the ability of the software, and they really became interested when he began to develop a sprinkler layout on the site that they had been working on for a couple of weeks. Some got very excited when he decided to use the sprinkler that they had personally selected. With that said, I would like someone to come back next year and do it again. Thanks again for the help. I got positive feedback from the students, and I think a couple of them have already watched the tutorials that you have on your website."

Franklin Gaudi

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

"I included this software in the Construction course I taught last year, and they provided a Lunch and Learn for the students. The presentation was very well received. Land F/X is the first piece of CAD software developed by LA's for LA's. It is an integral part of our CAD system at our office. I feel its greatest benefits are in the production of plan sets, and therefore students should be exposed to it. If you can find time in your schedule to implement Land F/X, I would highly recommend it."

Chad Frost

University of Connecticutt

"Speaking for myself and teaching Irrigation F/X, I think we are covered and the students will be finishing their plans next week. With the many fine Land F/X video tutorials, extensive help documentation, and my own written tutorials, templates, and troubleshooting guides that I have developed over the last five years, teaching irrigation design has been very smooth. Keep up the good work, Land F/X!"

Howard Hahn

Kansas State University

"I did get a chance to attend the webinar at my school. All I have to say is wow, I really love how easy Land F/X is to use and the things you can do with it. I will definitely be using it for all my projects now. I really enjoy how easy it makes things and how it is linked with SketchUp ... it's going to save me a lot of time."

Collin Chase

Fanshawe College

"The presentation was helpful and educational! The pizza was also very good."

Taylor Dahl

Student Chapter ASLA Member

North Dakota State University

"Talk about customer service! The talk was very informative and quite mind-blowing! If I had known about this information before, it would have saved me many hours of fighting with AutoCAD."

Kathleen Watson

University of Guelph

"Everything installed very smooth. I have already been messing with the new features, and it makes plant scheduling much easier. The speaker was great and very excited to present to us! He was very personable and enjoyed showing us the new features. He is a great asset to your company."

Colin McCardle

West Virginia University

"The presentation was great. It was neat to hear from someone so knowledgeable. I actually use Land F/X at an engineering firm I work for. It's a great program! Looking forward to learning it more."

Cassidy Michaux

University of Georgia

"The seminar was great; Land F/X seems like an extremely helpful tool. Thanks for coming to Ohio State!"

Wesley Cogan

Social Chair, SCASLA

The Ohio State University

"The lecture was really inspiring! Wish I could thank the lecturer again for his excellent job! Instantly fell in love with the program learning how it improves CAD exponentially!"

Dante Bertocci

University of Georgia

"Thank you for offering this program for students. When they mentioned that we'd need AutoCAD and SketchUp this semester, I started biting my lip. Other programs were not cheap last year (even at student discount), so having entities such as Land F/X and Autodesk offering products like these to newbies is amazing to say the least. So again, thank you so much. Just watching a few of the tutorials has really got me jazzed about this software. 

"Can't wait to get on my feet and running with these programs. I'm 34 and new to design (lifelong dream, just took a while to get started) but as shy as I am about drawing, I still really like the organic nature of it more than electronic. However, I'm not a fool. I know where the future is heading, so a head start now will be a tremendous blessing."


University of Idaho

"As you know, I just learned about Land F/X and was blown away. My friends and I have told people about the program, and it seems like word is traveling fast. And the thing about it is, I don't know even a quarter of what there is to know about it. I hope to talk to you soon and I hope it's to where I can meet a few of you and learn more about this great program."

Justin Spratlin

ASLA Student Chapter Executive Committee Member

Mississippi State University

"I will be a junior in the program this year and I was exposed to Land F/X as a freshman. I've progressed ever since, but I think that it is well worth the time learning, and that it should be implemented more into our program."

Zach Scott

Utah State University

"My favorite reaction to the Land F/X videos came from a student who frequently and emphatically (although with good humor) bemoaned his continuing frustration with CAD – 'It's worth learning CAD just to be able to do this!'"

Kay Williams

University of Florida

"I have just begun using the software, and I'm just amazed at how much easier it is to design, place, and count all my plants! Love it!"

Miranda Rozzo

Los Angeles Pierce College

Thanks for all of your support of our students and program.

Stephanie Landregan

Program Director, UCLA Extension

Thank you Land F/X staff for the pizza and excellent presentation. The students were amazed that you ordered from a great local pizza place and then went on to have a wonderful presentation! We had about 30+ students from different class levels as well as one of the main professors of our program. Now that the software is installed on all the lab computers and students are aware of the design capabilities, I have seen many of them “playing around” and getting familiar with the software in their free time.

Forrest Benson

President, Student Organization of Landscape Design and Contracting (SOLDAC)

Colorado State University

"I just wanted to follow up with you after last Friday's webinar. [Your] overview of Land F/X was helpful to students, many of whom will be exploring the program this week on their spring break. Also, thank you for the pizza. As a small student club, every little bit helps our budget."

Oliver Gaffney

Student President ASLA Club

University of Connecticut

"I love the software and it is a great learning tool."

Roger Baker

Mississippi State University

I was introduced to your product in 2010 at the Irrigation Show in Phoenix and have been using and promoting it ever since. I feel that your software is an amazing tool that can be implemented into any curriculum or at least be utilized by the students in the landscape program.

Forrest Benson

Vice President, Student Organization of Landscape Design and Contracting (SOLDAC)

Colorado State University

I have spent the greater part of my day working through this program and I have to say it is AWESOME! My past few years of school would have been a lot easier if I would have known about your software. This program has singlehandedly made my life a million times easier. I look forward to learning more and appreciate all of the help that is so easily accessible. Thank you for all of the support. You (and your software) have made my day! Happy customer.

Andrew Dunn

University of Florida


"The Land F/X webinars are great. There is a huge increase in interest for Land F/X here at Texas A&M. I am teaching a digital design class next semester and would like to schedule an individualized class lecture with you. Besides myself, other classes will be implementing the program into their instruction, specifically the Site Engineering Class and the Site Design Studios. Foundational and Computer Aided Design Classes will also be including Land F/X in their class instruction.

"As with most introductions into programs, the students were primarily interested in the flashier operations of the program while the professionals and professors were interested in the drier aspects such as information building. Overall, the presentations were a great balance.

"We at Texas A&M University thank you all immensely for all of your efforts and assistance in this weeklong endeavor. We are eager to learn, use, and teach the program and are looking forward to working with Land F/X in the future."

Galen Newman

Professor, Texas A&M


"The students at the University of Oregon found the presentation on Land F/X to be very interesting and informative. We learned a lot of things that we could put to good use. I myself will definitely look into it for my final studio project. Thank you for doing this, and we would like to continue presentations for future students."

Jonathan Haller

President, University of Oregon SCASLA


"After watching the webinar introduction to Land F/X, my students thanked me for arranging the lecture to learn about some new CAD software. They are eager to apply Land F/X on their next projects."

Bruce Sharky

Professor, LSU


"Thank you for the great presentation on Land F/X. It is definitely a powerful software that is geared towards Landscape Architects (major plus), and a software like no other at that. We had roughly 40 students show up for the presentation. Which is almost all the seniors and juniors. Everyone was very impressed with Land F/X – lots of oohs and ahhhs with the planting plan tools and the conceptual SketchUp models. Definitely a successful presentation. Looking forward to experimenting with Land F/X."

Kevin Kurdziolek

President, West Virginia University SSLA

"You all at Land F/X provided our students with the tremendous opportunity to utilize Land F/X's powerful tools. The students found the program tremendously useful and suitable for their strong ambition and desire to grow. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. The students had the privilege of being awarded 50 student licenses for academic use. They all learned to understand Land F/X's efficiency and value and why every professional office should own the program. The University of Idaho Landscape Architecture students thank you and look forward to the privilege taking part in a revolutionary tool. We look forward to working with you"

Jesson Buster

President, Student Chapter American Society of Landscape Architecture

University of Idaho

"If for no other reason than Land F/X placing “Pipe Hops” in the right location, the software should be purchased by all irrigation designers, because that feature alone makes it worth the cost times 10! The only liability of the Land F/X software program is, however, that we get the work done so damnable fast that we lose money, that is of course given that we charge for time rather than results! The jury is still out on that feature because I still charge on result!"

Bill Curtis

Sprinkler Consultant


"Land F/X is excellent for what we do, making irrigation design a breeze. Although [our designer] is quite adept with CAD already, Irrigation F/X allows him/us to get designs out quicker, allowing me to install with all relevant information in my hands at a glance."

Bruce Scott


“You are amazing. Thanks for working on my issue [Rain Bird pressure loss inconsistent]. I know things go wrong but neither LandCAD nor Watermark would make changes to their programs as quickly."

Robert Curley

Cummings Curley and Associates, Inc.

“I'm just glad to be involved, your company has given me the resources to reach potential beyond my wildest imagination in order to give my client the best irrigation system humanly possible! Why everyone isn't using Land F/X is beyond me! Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with one of the largest architecture firms in Florida. Because Land F/X allows me to complete the work twice as fast as composition, this will be like shooting dead fish in an empty barrel! By the way, “J” has outdone himself (again) with the new flow zone pipe sizing feature; I'm astonished. Now I can design loopdeloops in the mainlines, the way I used to in pen & ink. I tested this new addition to Land F/X. It works flawlessly, which is the highest compliment I have to give! Thanks so much for everything.

Bill Curtis

Sprinkler Consultant

“It saves us a lot of time for planning irrigation work."

Eric Otto

Van Dorn Abed Landscape Architects Inc.

“Just thought you'd like to know, I've designed irrigation over 30 years, starting with pen & ink then to AutoCAD since 1987. This is my first project with Land F/X. I had to redo a large apartment complex as the developer rejected my first design as I separated turf from shrub bed on different zones based on the direction give to me by the Landscape Architect, naturally! Anyway, with Land F/X on the same project it is by my estimate at least 75% faster then any other way I've designed with in the past!!! Not to mention the extreme accuracy with this software, it makes this arduous, boringly mundane task fun and simple. All I can tell you is this software works perfectly for my needs. Thank you so much for spending the time and money to develop this package. I highly recommend this to everyone in this industry that takes designing sprinkler systems seriously. My only regret is I didn't buy this package sooner!"

William B. Curtis

Sprinkler Consultant

"I am so TOTALLY hooked on Land F/X. It has been the best expense decision I made for my company [this past year]."

Jan Satterthwaite

"I've never known a company that is so concerned about their subscribers as your company! I am deeply appreciative. It is almost like a family helping out, not just another company."

Ron Guest

"It's truly amazing how much my productivity level has increased. I've really only scratched the surface of what the software can do too. Big fan."

Will Blair

"What has struck me so much about Land F/X is that it has been developed and continues to evolve by landscape architects. As you know, landscape architecture is a unique profession and difficult for many on the outside to fully appreciate or utilize to its maximum potential. Land F/X seems to have the edge from this perspective. It's a powerful tool that also can continue to help advance the field."

Sean Ryan

Timpat Inc.

"I have recently completed a set of site docs that were compiled with your details, callouts for details and grading, planting and maybe something else – more of your features than I have used in one project to date. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thanks a million. Best regards to all, including the new 'family members.’"

Richard Owens

"I just wanted to say how happy we are with Land F/X at Sage. We especially appreciate the prompt customer support/care and business transparency. As customers, it is really great to see a company continually developing their product and not turn their back on their customers. Thank you!"

Grant Sukchindasathien

Sage Ecological Landscapes

"Thank you for creating such amazing software. It really makes CAD life a lot easier."

Eric Otto

Van Dorn Abed Landscape Architects, Inc.

"We appreciate the program that you provide for us. Couldn’t live without it."

Darrell Campana


"We've been using Land F/X for over 8 years now and have NEVER been disappointed. The technical support and professional team of trained staff have helped keep us happy and productive."

Steve Cook


"I am looking forward to showing this new company how Land F/X works. I can't imagine going back to counting trees and entering them into a schedule again. Seems like a nightmare."

Darrell Campana


"Land F/X is the heart and soul of my business."

Bill Curtis

Sprinkler Consultant

"My boss is very picky – I had to configure Land F/X to use all of our symbols and callouts and layer names. It took a couple days to get it configured, but after that, I've been up and running!"

Aaron Smith

Masuen Consulting, LLC

"LandFX software is the best, and the customer service is second to none."

Dan Donohue

Purdue University

"We just finished another project with Land F/X yesterday evening. It is always a great feeling to finish a design and know you don't have hours or days of counting, labeling, and schedule creation ahead."

Chris Thompson

Nature Forms LLC

"I received a trial copy of Vectorworks Landmark 2009 in the mail. Tried it out, and I am here to say that I am so glad I use Land F/X."

Ken Principe

Angelos Lawnscape of LA

"I now work for myself, but because of your software I am much more efficient. So I work less and I make more money."

Ken Principe

Angelos Lawnscape of LA

"We do so much work, and the turnover is so fast, if we had to do it by hand or even with AutoCAD, we could never get it all done."

Jared Jones

"I just finished designing the Disney Cruise Terminal, which I estimated would take me 10 days, since it's 12.5 acres. I finished the job in under 2 days, which is sickening! I can't believe this program is so dang fast and works so perfectly! How do you think I felt when I finished 8 days before the deadline? I've called my shrink, made an appointment to work past this hitherto for unknown feeling of calmness. Now I'm left with absolutely nothing to complain about or be paralyzed by anxiety with for not meeting the deadline! So, it's finally come down to this!"

Bill Curtis

Sprinkler Consultant

“As far as the software goes, we absolutely love it. It is just the cat's meow with our work, and everything is so much easier than how we did things before."

Tim Fishe

A New Look Lawn Care Inc.

“I was thrilled to see the RefNotes capability in Paper Space! Thank you for taking my suggestion and making it a reality. I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to feel like my voice is heard in your organization. Thanks again; I am having a great time learning about the upgrade!

John R. Conte

"We love it; it has made a huge difference for us. We were given two impossible projects, two parks to do in less than a week, and we got it done using Land F/X. This made it possible. We couldn't have done it without Land F/X."

Greg Graves

J-U-B Engineers, Inc.

"It's a great program. It's helped our productivity go up regarding landscape and irrigation plans. It really has improved our efficiency level for our product. It's been pretty easy to learn, and it'ss not too complicated. Most users can learn it pretty quickly."

Steve Church


The software actually makes designing fun ... . It is fun to use, fun to see the software do exactly what we expect it to do (sometimes more).

Matthew J. Doyle

Doyle Landscape Architecture

"I know I ask a lot of questions, but you are always accommodating. I appreciate it greatly. When I am done with these two projects, one in Exuma Bahamas, the other in St. Lucia, I will send them to you so you can see what I was up against. St. Lucia is metric, and has about 120 different plants being so close to the equator. Exuma has about the same, due to it being a resort and they want lots of color. They are fun, and I am happy to be designing using the software. The software actually makes designing fun. You can quote me on that. It is fun to use, fun to see the software do exactly what we expect it to do (sometimes more).


"On a good note, residential drawings take me about ¼ the time and look great. All in all, the residential part that I do is about half of my business, and this saves me a ton of time. I like being able to design with the software."

Matthew J. Doyle

Doyle Landscape Architecture

"I can't imagine how I ever got anything done and done right without Land F/X. It truly is the most efficient landscaping tool that I have ever used. From the ease of use to unbelievable product support, Land F/X has all the bases covered."

Brett Seltz

Carbine Development

"I have tried a lot of stuff in the past 15 years, and it is definitely worth every penny."

Brett Seltz

Carbine Development

"We absolutely love the program. We couldn’t be doing what we are doing without it."

Rie Traub

The Garden Design Company

"It makes things much faster for me, and it’s a lot neater. It has a lot of features to it. I’m very happy with it."

William Balzer

Down Stream Design

"Land FX is great. Of all the programs I use, it is the best."

Matt Huish

Cummings Curley and Assoc.

"On my first project with Land F/X, it is by estimate at least 75% faster than any other way I’ve designed within the past! Not to mention the extreme accuracy with this software, it makes this arduous, boringly mundane task fun and simple. All I can tell you is this software works perfectly for my needs. My only regret is I didn’t buy this package sooner!"

Bill Curtis

Sprinkler Consultant

"We've been using [Land F/X] for a few months and find that their claims about accuracy, simplicity and productivity are dead-on. The detail management system is excellent. I have used LandCADD for years, and it truly sucks compared to Land F/X."

Paul Harris

Imagine Sonoma

"You have been very wonderful to work with. I hope to have a long-lasting relationship with you and your firm."

Ken Stone


"We pull most of our products from the Land F/X database management system. Since you’re apparently a partner, there is a good chance that we will consider your products."

Steve Cook


"I really appreciate the personal attention you provide."

Rick Heenan

DIG Corporation

"We were very happy with how the webinar went; the questions asked during the presentation were important and added to the value of the webinar."

Caitlyn Braegelman

Hunter Industries


"Looks good. Thanks again for all of your support, patience, and assistance."

George Cook

HIT Products

"Thank you so much for being persistent, making contact with others in the Toro and Irritrol organization, and getting what you needed to start the update process. This is the kind of service that reminds me why it was a good decision to partner with the Land F/X team."

Mike Baron

Toro Management

"The project that I'm working on now has equipment from two of the manufacturers that you added late last year. I'm a proud supporter of the Land F/X partners."

Steve Cook


"Thank you for working diligently on our behalf, and moving things along very well."

Rick Heenan

DIG Corporation

"You guys are great to work with."

George Cook

HIT Products

"Thanks for the webinar. It was a good showing, a different media to show our products, and will lead to interest from different areas.


“The Land F/X team has been great to work with, and we should see the benefits in the coming years. I want to extend my thanks, as I know how hard it is to keep AutoCAD designs and specifications in order, let alone have tens of thousands from all the manufacturers in the irrigation industry. Land F/X, while trying to keep up with all the updates and new designs, as well as uploading all the specs to the design platform, still gave us the personal service, and treated us like their only client. We appreciate the outstanding service and feel we have a new partner. Thank you … "

Kim Goldenstein

VIT/Strong Box

"We have been very impressed with Land F/X. You have a very professional and organized team. It has been a very positive experience for us.


"Land F/X is TRULY a professional landscape architectural and irrigation design software program. The program is incredibly easy to use, and if you do need assistance or have questions, their customer service is astounding. I firmly believe your projects will be designed more efficiently and smoothly when you use such a helpful tool!"

Shelly Walker

GPH Irrigation

"In terms of my general experience as a Supporting Manufacturer with Land F/X, it has been very good. This is more than just being incorporated into a design tool. I think the marketing aspect of it has been very enlightening. The webinar went very well. 



I look at everything we have done so far as being positive. Getting the details done was an added bonus, and I like the idea of having them to post on my website. I appreciate the newsletter announcements and the follow-ups with links.


Thank you again for all your help. I'm looking forward to a long-continuing relationship."

Norman Bartlett

Creative Sensor Technology

"The experience I have had thus far with Land F/X has been very good. I have certainly enjoyed working with you and have appreciated your service."

Pat Janis

Camelot Concrete

"That looks real good; this is exactly what I was hoping for."

Kim Goldenstein

Strong Box/VIT Products

"Your system for the product interface is fantastic. I really like my F/X CAD and Irrigation F/X."

Camara Jones

CuatroJones LS

"I have been using Land F/X for about 1.5 years now. My first year was a big learning curve as I got to grips with the ins and outs of the program, it didn’t take long to find that I was saving time and being more productive. This year has started with a bang and I have had a lot of design work to do. I was able to complete the whole of last year’s turnover within the first 4 months of this year. My productivity has really sky rocketed with the use of Land F/X. This is a great program and the support and service we get from the team at Land F/X is second to none."

-John Roy

Irrigation Engineers LTD

I can’t tell you enough how important your support has been to our firm and to our industry in general. I can’t image any firm not wanting to use your software. 

Earl Sweatland
Coe & Van Loo

Land F/X is not just a static tool in our tool box but is its own dynamic tool box with its own set of tools we use daily for nearly all of our CAD design needs. The plethora of tools, automated calculations, and ease of use has not only saved us valuable time in the design but has saved our budget in tight last-minute predicaments.  
The most valuable example of using Land F/X on our projects has been for 4-mile-long bus rapid transit corridor roadway project we are working in the midst of with more than 10,000 plants, more than two dozen irrigation points of connection, tens of thousands of square feet of hardscape and crossing through multiple varying maintenance districts, which are all managed with Land F/X.  Our team depends on Land F/X, and it helps us resolve laborious changes, make updates & revisions, and produce important data tables with ease.
The value of Land F/X is not just in the software but in the excellent customer support, passion, and quality of response in addressing our needs. Jeremiah Farmer and his team have responded promptly, diligently, and thoroughly, solving all of our concerns as well as questions with ways to overcome the hurdles and obstacles of our design as it dynamically moves forward.  
The best example of customer service I can recall was in 2012, when we called with an “Is there any way to do this?” type of question.  The following day, Land F/X provided an update incorporating the solution to every copy of the software.  Logging on first thing in the morning with the problem resolved convinced me of the unmatched customer service Land F/X provides.
We thank your team for providing such a great program and quality customer service.
Joseph Cogswell
Kimley Horn
I wanted to share my experience with Land F/X. I have been using the program for approximately 4 years. I had heard about the program from a friend in the profession who raved about the software. At the time I was using Eagle Point for my irrigation design and manually drawing my landscape plans. The company I was working for at the time had just won a very large irrigation job that involved irrigating an entire campus of a major university in the state. I began thinking about how to tackle the project, and over the weekend I downloaded the Land F/X trial to evaluate and see how it could be beneficial to the project. 
It took about 30 minutes to realize the efficiency and power of the software. Tasks that had previously taken hours were being completed in half the time. About an hour later, I knew I had to convince my employer to purchase the software. It took some convincing, but soon they understood the benefits and the program was purchased. 
I began to explore more features and soon realized that Land F/X was much more than an irrigation software program. The landscape, details, and organization functions are just as efficient as the irrigation. Another license was purchased soon after.  Since the initial irrigation project, I have changed jobs and we have purchased two licenses and the company is pleased with the results. I have talked to friends who have purchased and love the program. I even purchased F/X CAD for my personal use. All in all, Land F/X is a tool that I couldn’t live without. Thanks so much for helping an industry that is sometimes forgotten when it comes to design software.
Darran Scott 

"What joy! We recently presented our first concepts to a client with tools created from Land F/X and the SketchUp plugin, and they were very pleased.  We created a conceptual plant palette using your extensive library of plants and symbols and exported it all to SketchUp."

Jim Morgan
Land Resource Design Group
It is hard to go Land F/X-less after you get used to the program.
You guys have outstanding customer support.
Jitka Dekojova
Heads Up Landscape Contractors
Albuquerque, NM

It sure beats counting plants by hand and manually creating outlines!

Allen Jones
ASA Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

Thank you for your quick response - your technical support is the reason why I don't ever hesitate to renew my license. Have a stellar day. 

Kevin Jensen
Three Men & A Shovel Landscaping

BMLA recently purchased Land F/X and produced our first large-scale project with Irrigation F/X. The project includes over 50 acres of slopes, open spaces and parks. The Final irrigation design utilizes 10 POC’s each incorporating several different irrigation methodologies from matched precipitation rate rotors, rotary type nozzles, drip irrigation and combination of 2-wire controllers and traditional controllers. This was a huge project and a perfecto opportunity to test this product at our office, and I am pleased to tell you that Land F/X exceeded all of our expectations.


We have since used Land F/X for several other projects and I would estimate that is has increased our productivity in irrigation design by at least 50%, not to mention the peace of mind provided by error checking in pipe sizing, flow and pressure. The pipe-sizing feature alone is worth the price in timesaving. The ability to add elevations from the POC to the valve and the highest head is critical for our slope irrigation design and for projects with a lot of elevation change. Instant schedules and critical worst-case analysis is another plus.


The easy to follow webinars for training made the transition to a new software program easy. Technical support has always responded in friendly and timely manner via the phone or email. Land F/X works fast and seamlessly with our existing AutoCAD platform with no fatal errors and let us use our office standard linetypes and layers to create an office template to use on all our projects. Also, we can finally get rid of all the product catalogs cluttering up our desks. Land F/X has built in all of the symbols and catalog data from most of the major manufacturers, and the Internet connectivity to product data is priceless.


For these reasons and all of the other great features not mentioned, BMLA highly recommends the Irrigation F/X product for any Landscape Architect. We can’t wait to add additional stations and start using the design, planting and detail features.


Shannon Karlson

Senior Project Manager

BMLA, Inc.


Click to enlarge

Lendon Community – Promenade Canal

Within the Lendon community there is an existing drainage canal that divides the commercial development from the Live/Work area and the Lendon House, the community’s social center. The drainage canal will ultimately be transformed into a detailed planting scheme and tree-lined pedestrian corridor while still functioning as a storm water bypass during heavy storm events. The canal will also support the Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) lifestyle of Lendon along with the commercial development, maintaining the unique nostalgic atmosphere of a “neighborly” community paired with the modern convenience for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. 

"I find the program intuitive to use, and have always been able to find answers via the website or by making a phone call. I really appreciate all the resources that are available. Although I don’t use all of the capabilities (I usually contract out irrigation design specific to the location of each project), the program is an all-around time-saver, especially since I often work with fairly large or spread-out sites. I can produce consistently clear and easy-to-read plans and installers have told me that they like that I can do plant schedules specific to each sheet (which makes logistics at install easier) AND export an Excel file of the total material schedules (which facilitates their pricing/bidding process). All around, I can’t imagine working without Land F/X!"

Beth Bailey
Charlotte, NC

"I am LOVING all of the amazing tools this software has to offer. They are super easy to learn and adjust to."

Nancy Casey
Soldotna, AK

"I'd just like to say a huge thank you to your company and particularly Forrestt for the amazing and persistent effort to sort out my computer problem on Friday last week. I'm delighted to say that the Land F/X is now back and running - can't live without it. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the amazing service."

Suzan Quigg
Malanda, Australia

"I will always stay with you guys, I don't think I could do my work without this software anymore. Thanks again for the GREAT customer support and prompt attention. I love you guys and the software!"

Vinnie Difini
ASLA, Marco Island, FL

"Land F/X has been key to being able to be profitable with planting plans in my ‘new normal’ business economy."

Beth Bailey Oldham, ASLA
Charlotte, NC

"I told my husband that there have been few times in life when a software program meets or exceeds your expectations like this one has. I am loving it. I am being able to be productive on it much faster than I expected as I was on Bricscad and EaglePoint. This is software so superior."

Rebecca Looney, ASLA
Irmo, SC

"Amazing tech support: yet another reason I love you guys."

Kristian Wiles, ASLA
Marietta, GA

"I am totally in love with Land F/X. It has made designing so much better and just fun again. I can relax and just feel loose to design."

Dennis Vang 
Las Vegas, NV

"I cannot express how much I appreciate LandFX. Having worked in the past since the mid 90’s with other land design software, and drafted with ink on vellum since the 70’s it makes it all the more a treat to work with your product."

Daniel F. Machado 
Modesto, CA

"This quick assistance is what made the choice for your product a no brainer."

Marina Wrensch, ASLA 
Eugene, OR

"F/X CAD is working great! You saved me money and I can still do all that I need to do with CAD.""

David Albright, ASLA 
Newnan, GA

"Been using LandFX for years. Easy to use and VERY efficient. One of the best advantages is the tech support. When you call or email your issue is handled quickly by a small staff who cares. Very friendly yet very knowledgeable."

Clay Carter, ASLA 
Long Beach, CA

"I just downloaded version 5 and was thrilled to see the ref notes capability in paper space! Thank you for taking my suggestion and making it a reality. I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to feel like my voice is heard in your organization. Thanks again."

John R. Conte, ASLA
Greenwich, CT

“With Land F/X, our firm can produce con docs up to 5 times faster. Revisions become a walk in the park. We can achieve 10 times the speed if not more.”

Rob Chang
TEC Landscape Architecture
San Luis Obispo, CA

“Land F/X has dramatically increased my productivity and reduced my staffing needs.”

Carl J. Kelly Jr., RLA
President, Landscape Designs
Winter Park, FL

"Land F/X has been a very user-friendly software. Every firm we have shared Land F/X with has started using it the next week. Great Job Land F/X Group!"

Jay A. Peterson, ASLA
Lake Mary, FL

"It's a great program; it's helped our productivity go up regarding landscape and irrigation plans."

Steve Church
Salt Lake City, UT

“Every 2 weeks my boss says to me, “This program is the best thing ever. I’m not sure what we did before… it’s like before electricity or sliced bread.”

Eric Stanley ASLA
GSBS Architects
Salt Lake City, UT

“… it would be crippling to be forced without it… you will most likely get your investment returned on the first project.”

Steve Cook, ASLA
San Marcos, CA

" has helped us with standardization and enabled us to spend more time on design...better projects faster!"

Warren Pruitt, ASLA
ADC Engineering
Hanahan, SC

“Land F/X plan check can be trusted to prevent mistakes on our most complex plans.”

Paul Harris ASLA
Imagine Sonoma
Sonoma, CA

"If you know how to draw an irrigation design by hand, this program will allow you to fly through the steps and get terrific results. Before you realize it, you have completed your task. The program will automate nearly all of the tasks that you normally do by hand."

Scott Weinberg

"We absolutely love the program. We couldn't be doing what we're doing without it."

The Garden Design Co.
Nantucket, MA

"I've been practicing for almost 30 years, and this is the first time I've been able to visualize and evaluate my planting design instantly in 3D."

David Farmer, ASLA
TEC Landscape Architecture
San Luis Obispo, CA


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