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Using Work Areas

Feb 05, 2016
Video Length:  1:11:25 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Work Areas provide a perfect way to organize your schedules, scales, and UCSs. Whether you want to separate out phases in your schedules, or you need to show an area at a different scale and UCS, you need to know how to manipulate a Work Area.

Land F/X 103: Understanding Blocks and Customized Rendering

Feb 03, 2016
Video Length:  1:04:11 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Bring your academic projects to the next level with rendering tools in Land F/X! You can add your own personal style to your CAD drafting by saving customized blocks directly into the program.

Monitoring Irrigation for Green Roofs

Jan 29, 2016
Video Length:  48:22 Presented By:  Chris Wright
Green roofs and walls present several irrigation challenges while trying to manage aesthetic expectations and plant health. Knowing when and how long to irrigate an engineered medium in an extreme environment requires a precision instrument that can measure – in real time – the amount of moisture available to the plant material. Baseline's patented Soil Moisture Sensor technology provides the…

Use Hand Graphics in a Land F/X Workflow

Jan 22, 2016
Video Length:  1:01:12 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Hand graphics remain an important step in efficient CAD drafting. In this webinar, we'll go through a sample project to show you how to use hand graphics in the concept stage.

Irrigation Tips & Tricks

Jan 15, 2016
Video Length:  1:02:52 Presented By:  Jake Lott
In this webinar we will be going over some advanced tools that you may or may not know about. You'll also learn a few techniques and best practices to apply that will help speed up your workflow when creating your irrigation design.

Using Plant Templates

Jan 08, 2016
Video Length:  1:01:13 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Project templates are focused and reusable palettes of your most frequently specified plants. This intermediate-level webinar will cover the best workflow for customizing templates. For further information, please see our documentation section on Creating a Template.

Land F/X 102: Comprehensive Concept and Site Plan Drafting

Jan 06, 2016
Video Length:  1:04:11 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
This academic-oriented presentation will cover the Concept Graphic and Site Planning tools you need in order to make your projects look professional.

Land F/X 101: Introduction to Land F/X and Planting Projects

Dec 17, 2015
Video Length:  2:18:13 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Tailored for students, this academic planting project–oriented workflow will include information on how to start your project, configure the best settings for success, and transport your project and drawings between your laptop and a computer lab installation.

Getting Started with Planting Tools

Oct 12, 2015
Video Length:  1:04:11 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Join us for a webinar covering the the basics of the Land F/X planting tools. Starting from square one, we'll provide the necessary information for familiarizing yourself with the software and starting your training right. We'll also recommend other important resources that will help you continue your training. Webinar Contents: Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is…

Greywater Systems

Oct 05, 2015
Video Length:  1:08:24 Presented By:  Jake Lott
Water is an extremely important and often scarce resource. Some locales are feeling the scarcity more than others. While "smart" or "efficient" equipment is definitely available to put into your landscape, our upcoming webinar will cover a topic a little off the beaten path – maybe a subject you've thought about but simply haven't explored. Join us in talking about…

The Land F/X SketchUp Connection: Advanced

Sep 18, 2015
Video Length:  1:04:19 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Bring your designs to a whole new level with the Land F/X SketchUp Connection. We’ll go through the workflow for a detailed 3D model based on a full grading plan with contextual grading. You’ll then learn how to take the plan to a point at which you can continue with your favorite renderer for a photo-realistic image. We strongly recommend…

Golf Course Irrigation

Sep 11, 2015
Video Length:  1:04:50 Presented By:  Jake Lott
Golf course irrigation is a design skill in and of itself. In this webinar, we'll demonstrate some of the great tools Land F/X offers to help ensure proper mainline sizing and scheduling. We'll also discuss some of the key points to remember when using flow zones, shut-off valves, and valve-in-head rotors. While this webinar will not cover the theory behind…

The Land F/X SketchUp Connection: Intermediate

Sep 08, 2015
Video Length:  01:21:46 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Build on the skills you gained after watching the SketchUp Connection Basics webinar. This second segment in our three-part series will show you how to create a more complex 3D model using the Connection. We’ll include some simple grading, custom plant components, and a primer on using photos in SketchUp. Webinar Contents: Note: The following catalog of content covered in this…

The Land F/X SketchUp Connection: Basics

Aug 14, 2015
Video Length:  01:17:08 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Are you looking to integrate 3D modeling into your existing design process? In this basic workflow, we go over the procedure to export a basic site and planting plan from AutoCAD over to SketchUp. We also show you how to use some basic SketchUp tools, as well as additional features included in the Land F/X tool available from the SketchUp…

Detail Tips And Tricks

Aug 10, 2015
Video Length:  59:10 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
You've watched our Master Detail Tools webinar to get started with your detail library in Land F/X, and now you need to watch this webinar to take your detailing skills to the next level. We'll go over some advanced techniques and best practices to create details that communicate your design intent clearly. We'll also show you how to use all…

Improving CAD Standards

Jul 31, 2015
Video Length:  1:06:56 Presented By:  Jake Lott
We see the concept of "CAD standards" as a system of change for the better just as much as a static and rigid list of commonly followed procedures. Defining and enforcing best practices is arguably the most important aspect of setting a CAD standard. According to Autodesk, "Standards define a set of common properties for named objects such as layers…

Tools at an Early Stage

Jul 27, 2015
Video Length:  1:03:16 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
In this webinar, we'll go over how to customize the tools you use all the time – Plant Manager, Reference Note Manager, and other tools – to create quick and accurate basic concepts. In the time it takes to present the webinar, you can use these techniques to go from a client's request for a quote to an early but…

Existing Irrigation

Jul 21, 2015
Video Length:  56:00 Presented By:  Jake Lott
At some point, every irrigation designer will need to add to or alter an existing system. This type of project can be among the most difficult. This week's webinar will cover a few different scenarios you might encounter as you design based on an existing irrigation system. – we'll show you some valuable tools, tricks, and tips. We'll also review…

Terrain Modeling In SketchUp

Jul 13, 2015
Video Length:  1:02:17 Presented By:  Daniel Tal
Daniel Tal returns to teach us about terrain modeling in SketchUp. Daniel will model a terrain site plan live, carefully reviewing the tools and steps required to achieve a digital elevation model.   For more tutorials on SketchUp from Daniel Tal, visit his website, DanielTal.com.   For more information on the Land F/X SketchUp plugin, including importing and exporting between…

Land Planning And Site Builder Tools

Jun 29, 2015
Video Length:  53:03 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
We've made some recent improvements to the Land Planning and Site Builder capabilities of our software. This webinar will cover the effective use of our Zoning and Concept Graphics tools, such as generating a Zoning Schedule to calculate density, area, and number of units. These tools are especially handy for planning the initial stages of larger designs, such as residential/commercial…

Metric Sheet Setup

Jun 23, 2015
Video Length:  1:00:30 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
In this webinar, we'll go over the metric side of our recommended basic methods for setting up your drawing template. This method is a great way to prevent imported Xrefs from corrupting your drawing. We'll also go over setting up your Model Space and Paper Space for proper scaling in metric units for many metric standards, as well as using…

Intro to Irrigation

Jun 15, 2015
Video Length:  01:04:57 Presented By:  Jake Lott
Although our upcoming webinar will cover the basic Irrigation capabilities of Land F/X, this is one webinar that even advanced users will not want to miss. We'll show how to use the Schematic Irrigation tool to lay out a project at the conceptual level. We'll then go over the essentials of adding equipment such as drip, sprays, and rotors to…

Advanced Planting & Site Tools

Jun 10, 2015
Video Length:  01:01:30 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
In the first of a new series of "Advanced" webinars, we'll show you how to solve some interesting, out-of-the-box, advanced problems using in-the-box Land F/X tools. With the right kind of inventive thinking, you can use the basic tools included in your Land F/X installation to design and calculate your plan to meet your needs. Plus we'll provide as many…

Customizing Land F/X

May 29, 2015
Video Length:  1:03:05 Presented By:  Jake Lott
Since our inception, we've designed our software to conform to each office's standards. Land F/X allows you to use specific blocks, layer names, sheet protocols, and other distinct elements that make up your firm’s practices and preferences. For more than a decade, we have successfully accounted for hundreds of offices – many with some wildly unique standards.   Webinar Contents:…


May 26, 2015
Video Length:  1:04:19 Presented By:  Amanda Berry
Hardscape design with Land F/X is all about Reference Notes (RefNotes). Learn about the myriad options available within our RefNotes tool that will streamline your project's workflow. We'll go over all the basics of RefNotes, including setting up and placing a RefNote, calling out your features, and placing a schedule. We'll also showcase a few other tools you can use…

SketchUp Extensions

May 18, 2015
Video Length:  59:15 Presented By:  Daniel Tal
Join Land F/X and Daniel Tal for a webinar covering the SketchUp Extension Warehouse. This webinar was originally scheduled a few months ago and had to be postponed until now. The Extensions comprise a wide range of powerful tools designed to streamline and enhance the modeling process by vastly increasing SketchUp's functionality. Downloadable directly from SketchUp, these custom tools are…

Planting Plan Basics

May 11, 2015
Video Length:  47:47 Presented By:  Jake Lott
You deserve to have a planting plan that works for you. In our upcoming webinar, we'll go over some of the basic yet powerful features of Land F/X – including the ability to place plants and labels with ease. We'll provide a refresher on planting plan basics for the experienced Land F/X user, as well as an insightful look into…

Sheet Setup

May 04, 2015
Video Length:  1:06:50 Presented By:  Jake Lott
Join us this week for some basics in proper sheet setup. We'll go over cleaning your base files, as well as best practices for Xrefing, creating templates, using the Land F/X Sheet Index, and more.   Webinar Contents: Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections…

Details and Specifications

Mar 25, 2015
Video Length:  46:25 Presented By:  Tyson Carroll
Tyson Carroll with Urban Tree Foundation, has spent the last several months querying industry leaders in the creation of landscape architectural details and specifications that satisfy the best possible construction documentation standards. Join us for an exciting look at his project and glimpse into the detail library that is now included with Land F/X.

Master Details Tools

Feb 27, 2015
Video Length:  1:02 Presented By:  Jake Lott
Presenter Jake Lott will show you how to complete important detail-related tasks such as assigning layouts in your sheet index, customizing detail templates, and associating details with Reference Notes (RefNotes). You'll also learn how to run detail reports, place detail callouts in Paper Space, and place detail callouts within details. Get an in-depth look at these and other valuable tools…

Computer Basics

Feb 20, 2015
Video Length:  48:19 Presented By:  Forrestt Williams
Getting the most out of your Computer, CAD and Land F/X. Windows 8 got you down? Are you a little confused by computers? In this webinar, Forrestt Williams will cover some helpful and practical computer tips that are integral for using your computer and Land F/X successfully. Because AutoCAD and Land F/X are very robust pieces of software, threy require…

Density Cost Estimation

Feb 13, 2015
Video Length:  39:07 Presented By:  Jake Lott
  Whether you are working on a large or small project, you need a quick way to value engineer your design before getting too far into the process. Join us as we discuss creating planting density templates and applying them at the beginning of any project. Planting density templates communicate your initial planting design to the client efficiently while keeping…

SketchUp Introduction to Site Grading

Feb 04, 2015
Video Length:  1:02:27 Presented By:  Daniel Tal
  SketchUp is a powerful grading program. The SketchUp Sandbox and Extension Tools are able to generate organic modeling surfaces with relative ease. The tools can be adapted to most models to create conceptual site terrain. Put on your grading hat, and watch how to grade retaining walls, walks, and objects into even the most basic site plan. Learn how…

Master Planting Tools

Feb 03, 2015
Video Length:  56:48 Presented By:  Jake Lott
  Join us for a great webinar showcasing our Master Planting Tools. Learn how to convert standard plant blocks into "smart" plant blocks using the Match Properties tool. Use Plant Photo Callouts to ramp up your presentations and plant labels. Get an in-depth look at these and other valuable tools developed just for you by your friends at Land F/X.…

Drip Irrigation

Jan 16, 2015
Video Length:  1:00 Presented By:  Jake Lott
  Join us this week for a great discussion on Drip Irrigation. Water is precious and so is your time, so let Land F/X help lift your burden by showing you how to place drip rings, bubblers, single emitters, emitters by area, and dripline by area. We will go through the entire process – from selecting your drip source and…

Skatepark Design Webinar

Dec 22, 2014
Video Length:  1:17 Presented By:  David M. Williamson
  Skateboarders are often frowned upon for practicing their activity on urban furniture and city property. It seems that they need a proper facility – a place to practice without hazards or harassment. Skateboarding shifts, changes, and morphs so much, it can seem nearly impossible to design a perfect facility at any given time. Rather than offering guidelines for a…

Land F/X Proudly Presents 11.0

Nov 17, 2014
Video Length:  1:02 Presented By:  Jeremiah Farmer
It’s that time of year again – to showcase all the new features we've released over the past year, and generally recap what we’ve been up to. This is a rare glimpse into some of the code that makes up Land F/X, as we will even add a wishlist item live during the webinar. (Note: The following catalog of content…

Hardware Recommendations 2014

Nov 07, 2014
Video Length:  46:17 Presented By:  Forrestt Williams
  It's time for our annual Hardware Recommendation Webinar! We will cut through all the techy mumbo jumbo and give you the exact specs you'll need in your next CAD station. We will review different levels of computers and servers, and give you the system requirements you'll need to run a fast, and efficient station.   (Note: The following catalog…

Efficient Irrigation for Small Spaces

Oct 31, 2014
Video Length:  1:08:58 Presented By:  Chris Roesink
  Irrigation design is already complex enough without the added challenges of small spaces. Join us this Friday as Chris takes you through the challenges of and solutions to irrigating in restricted areas.     Download the presentation PDF >>   Webinar Content: (Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to…

SketchUp Basics with Daniel Tal

Oct 17, 2014
Video Length:  59:47 Presented By:  Daniel Tal
  Please join us for a one-hour webinar on SketchUp basics. Daniel Tal, ASLA, will provide a basic overview of getting started with SketchUp with a focus on using SketchUp for basic site design. Daniel will review the tools, approach and goals of working with SketchUp for model site work and architecture. The seminar will demonstrate the quick modeling of…

Land F/X Networking Basics

Oct 10, 2014
Video Length:  44:05 Presented By:  Forrestt Williams
  Land F/X Networking got you down? Never fear. We can help you understand the basics of networking so you can understand how Land F/X works - and take ownership of your network without anxiety! Forrestt will run through a number of basic computer network concepts, including sharing a folder, folder permissions, firewall exceptions, mapping a drive, and more.  …

Customizing AutoCAD & F/X CAD 2015

Sep 15, 2014
Video Length:  46:15 Presented By:  Forrestt Williams
Presented by: Forrestt Williams If you are new to AutoCAD or F/X CAD 2015 and want to customize the interface to something you are more familiar with, or if you simply want to learn more about customizing your AutoCAD interface in general, this webinar is for you. Learn how to create and use the classic workspace in AutoCAD 2015.  …

New Land F/X Feature: Center Pivot Design

Sep 03, 2014
Video Length:  54:35 Presented By:  Jeremiah Farmer
      Jeremiah shows off the latest addition to Land F/X: a Center Pivot designer. Center Pivot irrigation has become no less than a mainstay of feeding the planet since its inception in 1948. Yet surprisingly, its design has traditionally relied upon pencil-and-paper illustration, multiple manual calculations, various spreadsheets and forms, and the occasional manufacturer-provided software tool – until…

Customizing Irrigation F/X

Aug 27, 2014
Video Length:  53:19 Presented By:  Brian Frederick & Jeremiah Farmer
    Join Brian and Jeremiah this week as we walk you through a similar step-by-step customization of the Irrigation features of Land F/X. Webinar Content (note: The following catalog of content in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also…

Customizing Land F/X

Aug 15, 2014
Video Length:  55:53 Presented By:  Brian Frederick & Jeremiah Farmer
    Have you struggled with customizing the Land F/X software to meet your current office standards. It's easier than you may think! Join us as Brian Frederick walks you through different ways to customize planting, hardscape, and details for Land F/X. Remember to prepare your questions as we hope for this to be a very interactive webinar based on…

Irrigation Designing in Drought Conditions

Aug 11, 2014
Video Length:  54:38 Presented By:  Dariush Bakhtar
    With drought conditions worsening throughout the United States, water efficient designs become crucial for Landscape Architects and Irrigation Designers. Dariush Bakhtar will give you tools and considerations when designing in drought conditions.      

F/X CAD 2015 Introduction and Tour

Aug 04, 2014
Video Length:  44:35 Presented By:  Jeremiah Farmer
    We are pleased to announce the release of F/X CAD 2015. Our team has spent a great deal of time tailoring CAD specifically to Landscape Architects and Irrigation Designers. We even included a "Ribbon" interface for easier access to your favorite Land F/X tools. Watch Land F/X CEO and Developer Jeremiah Farmer as he takes you on a…

Site & Grading Tools

Jun 30, 2014
Video Length:  1:02 Presented By:  Brian Frederick
In this webinar, Brian covers the basic site and grading tools provided by Land F/X. Expect to learn how to the quick application and communication of different fencing types, site dimensions, elevation calculations, and much more. (note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of…

Irrigation Getting Started

Jun 03, 2014
Video Length:  1:12 Presented By:  Jeremiah Farmer
  This webinar covers the basics of getting going with the Irrigation capabilities of Land F/X. We will show how to use the Schematic irrigation tool to lay out a project at the conceptual level, and then the basics of adding equipment to a project, placing, piping, sizing and scheduling.   Additional Resources: Irrigation Getting Started PDF Note: The following…

Value Engineering

May 23, 2014
Video Length:  1 hour Presented By:  Brian Frederick
This webinar, directed at project managers and production assistants alike, demonstrates a number of tools offered by Land F/X  to minimize the effects of value engineering on your project. Presenter Brian Frederick walks you through the meaning of "Value Engineering" different cost estimating tools, scheduling methods, and quick material selection/replacement techniques.   Webinar Content (Note: The following catalog of content…


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