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RainBird Product Line: Recent Additions & Discontinuations

Mar 15, 2017

Published in: Irrigation News

RainBird Product Line: Recent Additions & Discontinuations
Attention, irrigation designers: RainBird has made some recent changes to its product line that we thought you should know about. For one, the R-VAN Rotary Nozzle family has a brand-new member: the R-VAN 14. This adjustable rotary nozzle has an 8- to 14-foot throw radius. Like the other R-VAN models, it's hand adjustable and offers a wind-resistant stream with large water droplets for a reduced run-time and decreased water usage. In other RainBird news, the 1/3, 1/4, and 1/2 arcs have been discontinued from the manufacturer's line of fixed-arc R-Series spray nozzles. When designing an irrigation system using Irrigation F/X, you'll be able to see these changes when adding new equipment from the Irrigation Manager.

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