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New Product: ACC2 Controller from Hunter

Apr 16, 2018

Published in: Irrigation News

New Manufacturer Product Added: ACC2 Controller from Hunter

New Product Added

Introducing: ACC2 Controller from Hunter

Hunter Industries
Looking to try out a new controller? We've added the Hunter ACC2 to our irrigation equipment library. Sporting a reversible facepack, the ACC2 controller can manage up to 54 stations, multiple water sources, along with normally open and normally closed master valves. It's available in several wall mount and pedestal configurations. The ACC2 can be configured with up to 10 start times for each of its 32 independent programs, and can run up to 14 of those programs simultaneously. Additionally, up to 3 CLIK sensors may be added to the ACC2 controller. It can manage up to 6 different flow zones and 3 pump or master valve outputs.
Hunter ACC2 Controller


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