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Hunter Industries adds MP Rotator 815 Series

Jun 18, 2018

Published in: Irrigation News

New Product: Hunter Industries MP Rotator 815 Series

New Product

Hunter Industries MP Rotator 815 Series
Hunter industries

Are you already a fan of Hunter's MP Rotator 800 Series? The previously released 800 series covered distances as short as 6 ft (1.8 m), while the new 815 Series covers a range of 6 – 16 ft (1.8 – 4.9m). This nozzle is for high-efficiency, short-radius applications and maintains all the benefits of the patented MP Rotator design. To start specifying the MP 815 series, select the Heads option in our Irrigation Manager. You can find them in both the Shrub and Turf Rotary sections.
Hunter Industries MP Rotator 815 Series
New Product: Hunter Dripline (HDL)

New Product

Hunter Dripline (HDL)
Hunter industries

Hunter has discontinued the PLD dripline and replaced it with the new Hunter Dripline (HDL). This highly kink-resistant product includes flow indicator stripes and comes neatly packaged in a stretch-wrapped coil. Manufactured with 80% reprocessed pre-consumer resin, HDL is as sustainable as it robust. Look for it in our Irrigation Manager in both the Dripline and Area for Dripline sections.
Hunter Dripline (HDL)


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