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NEW Buckner Superior Product - Pressure Regulating Module

Jan 22, 2019

Published in: Irrigation News

NEW Buckner Superior Product - Pressure Regulating Module

Buckner Superior
Pressure Regulating Module
Buckner Superior’s new PRS-MOD pressure-regulating module is an ideal addition to retrofits and new installations alike. Easily installed via threading into the solenoid port, the PRS-MOD adds flexibility to your specification of Superior Brand base valves by regulating outlet pressure at the valve. Compatible with Superior 950, 950DW, 950DWIB, 950SD, 1000, and 800 valves, it will regulate and maintain outlet pressure between 10 and 100 PSI in dial adjustments of 5 PSI within systems with up to 200 PSI of incoming pressure. 

Note that the existing 950PRS, with its factory-installed, side-mounted pressure regulator, will retain its place within the Buckner Superior product line. The PRS-MOD is designed to add regulation to valves already installed in the field, or for installation with base Superior valves for regulation without the need for external tubing.

We’ve added PRS-MOD options to each compatible Superior valve series listed above. You can find them in the Valves > Remote Control Valves section of our Irrigation Manager.
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