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An AutoCAD plugin specifically for irrigation designers. Error-free plans on time – every time.

Undisputed. The best irrigation design software.

Access current data from manufacturer catalogs, place equipment, and draw pipe. Calculate pressure and flow automatically. Achieve error-free plans on time – every time.

Manufacturer Content

Specify irrigation equipment from our massive, constantly updated cloud database. Browse listings from the industry's top manufacturers.

From Trusted Manufacturers to Your Plan

Add the equipment you need, then place it right then and there. Symbols are assigned automatically – keep the defaults or use your own.

It's all customizable

We make it easy to give your designs the exact look you're after, down to the last detail.

Preference Sets

Repeat clients? Create as many sets of standards as you need, and access them in a flash.

Irrigation Preferences

Control how your equipment is listed in labels and schedules.

Callout Styles

Set your styles for labeling valves and sizing pipes.

Spray Symbols

Customize your spray symbols and dripline hatches.

Units and Measurements

Set your classes and units to meet your regional and local requirements.

Plans and Schedules

Manage your schematic planning and default settings for pipes and schedules, all in one place.

Apply Standards

And store it all right here. Apply your standards to any plan instantly.

Set your standards once. Enforce them forever.

Customize your irrigation symbols, labels, layer and line colors, fonts, title blocks, and plotting preferences. Get your standards into every design, officewide.

Symbol Library

We’ve created an extensive collection of irrigation symbol blocks, which we’ve curated carefully to lend a distinct look to each component from each manufacturer. Access all the other blocks in our library, and easily swap any of them out for your custom symbols.

Error Check

Can you find the errors in this plan? Irrigation F/X did.

Verify Laterals

Our Verify tool highlights and color codes each error so you can fix them quickly.

Never count water again.

Revisions are inevitable – they just don’t have to take up all your time. Spend your time designing, and let us do the error checking.


Locate errors instantly. Move heads you've already piped, maintaining the connections. Edits are quick and painless.

Tools for Placing Equipment


Before you even start piping, get an estimate of the flow you’ll need in each zone.

Create Zones

Create logical groups of individual head types.

Select a Head Type

All other head types will be ignored automatically.


Now it’s time to test your coverage.

Coverage Map

You’ll see a color-coded map of your system design that shows the uniformity of coverage.


It's as easy as connecting the dots.

Calculations & Labels

We'll size for you, automagically using the Hazen Williams formula. We do what you do by hand, but faster.

Forget underdesigning

With our tools, you’ll never never miss piping to a valve, undersize your pipes, or exceed pressure and flow availability.

Schedules & Reports

Instantly produce and customize any schedules or reports. Leave the calculations to us.

Irrigation Schedule

List all equipment you’ve used or specified in your project in an easy-to-read reference. Include, or don’t include, data such as quantity, pressure and flow rates, and schematic costs. List spray heads by group or by nozzle – it’s all up to you.

Valve Schedule

Provide comprehensive information about each valve in your system, including model, size, type, friction loss, valve loss, pressure and flow statistics, and head and pipe count within each valve station.

Watering Schedule

Instantly prescribe your site design’s daily watering needs by individual zone. Select which days of the week will require watering. Daily and weekly watering minutes will be calculated and listed automatically.

Runtime Schedule

Our Runtime Schedule tool duplicates the basic analysis a "smart" irrigation controller would perform on your system as laid out. It’s a quick way to determine the most efficient runtime for your system according to the mainline’s capability.

Critical Analysis

This valuable reporting tool provides pressure and flow statistics for your entire system. It serves two important purposes: helping you troubleshoot and correct pressure and flow issues in your system, and communicating your design requirements to your clients or contractors.

Customize Schedules

Ensure that your project equipment inventories meet your exact preferences. Include as much – or as little – information as you want. Place a schedule directly in your drawing or in table format – or send it to a spreadsheet to edit to your liking.

Irrigation F/X will pay for itself in the time you save.

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