INVALID Error (Exporting to SketchUp)
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INVALID Error (Exporting to SketchUp)


You saw an Invalid error when attempting to export your design from CAD to SketchUp.

Invalid error



This error can occur when your Land F/X project does not have a name.


Open our Project Manager from the F/X Admin ribbon.




Project missing a name in the Project Manager

If your project lacks a Project Name, as pictured to the left, you've found your issue.




Still in the Project Manager, type a name in the Project Name field.



The name of your project can be anything you want. It just has to have a unique project number.



Click OK when finished.

Once you've named your project, you should be able to export your design to SketchUp without receiving the error message.

Typing a project name in the Project Manager
Last modified on May 26, 2022


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