Revit Could Not Complete the External Command. Contact the Provider for Assistance. (Using One of Our Revit Plugins)



You received the following error message while running a 3D Connection plugin tool in either our Planting F/X or Design F/X Revit plugin:

Revit could not complete the external command. Contact the provider for assistance. Information they provided to Revit about their identity: Land F/X,





You've encountered a default Revit error message, which is an indication that we still need to either fix or assign a specific error message to the issue you're experiencing. (This can happen as we work on the beta version.)





1. Drop down the Show Details option in the error message, and take a screenshot of the result. This section will likely contain key information for us to replicate and fix this error message.




2. Send us a technical support ticket that includes

  • Your screenshot of the expanded error message
  • Your file

  • Your Land F/X project data
  • A step-by-step description of what you were trying to do when you encountered the error


We’ll use all this information to replicate the error so we can fix it.

Last modified on Oct 17, 2019


  • Land F/X

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