Planting F/X Error: Please Select a Land F/X Project First (Using One of Our Revit Plugins)



You received the following error message after recently installing the Revit Planting F/X or Design F/X plugin, and tried to use our Projects tool:

Error - cannot be ignored. LandF/X: Please select a Land F/X project first.





You haven’t assigned a Land F/X Project to this Revit project file yet.





Select the Projects tools on the Planting F/X or Design F/X plugin toolbars to assign one.


If you're working on a new design, you should create a new Land F/X Project number. If you’ve already started a Land F/X project in AutoCAD for this same design job, you can simply assign that existing project number from the list.


See our documentation on our Projects tool for Revit.

Last modified on Oct 15, 2019


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